Facts About Bolivia


Facts About Bolivia

Bolivia's location in the world

Full name: Plurinational State of Bolivia

Short: Bolivia

Population: 9.1 million (UN, 2005)

Capital: Sucre (official), La Paz (administrative)

Largest city: La Paz metropolitan area (includes: La Paz, El Alto and Viacha) 1.6 millions Habitants.

Area: 1.1 million sq km (424,164 sq miles)

Major languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani

Bolivian Flag


Major religion: Christianity

Life expectancy: 62 years (men), 66 years (women) (UN)

Monetary unit: 1 boliviano = 100 centavos

Main exports: Natural gas, zinc, gold, silver, lead, tin, antimony, wood, sugar and soy beans

GNI per capita: US$1,010 (World Bank, 2006)

Internet domain: .bo

International dialing code: +591


Weather in Bolivia

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