Disney Information in Forms and Docs

posted May 15, 2017, 4:20 PM by Stephen T. McClard
Look at the Forms and Docs link above for current information about Disney. 

There are a few changes to the Disney trip you need to be aware of before we depart.   The bus company had trouble accommodating our Friday deliveries for the performance, so we have had to make a few adjustments.  In order to allow 8 consecutive hours of rest for our drivers, we need to amend the itinerary in the following ways:

 1)  Change the order of parks to Magic Kingdom (Wednesday), Hollywood Studios (Thursday) and Epcot (Friday).  This will allow us to then solve many problems associated with the mandatory rest periods for drivers. 

2) Parents cannot attend the Disney workshop / performance.  The students will make a DVD for parents to watch from within the workshop itself. 

3)  If you have made any fast passes or reservations, take a look at the new itinerary to make adjustments.  According to the kids we have seen today, there are no major problems with this. 

4) Many have asked about My Disney Experience and the associated App.  If you choose not to use this feature, it will not affect the trip in any way.  If you choose to use the App or website, please know that we cannot help you with this feature in any way.  All the information you need is on the Disney My Experience website, along with a support number.  You do not need to use this website to have a successful trip.  The website and app are designed to add extra features to the trip, but is not required. 

Take a look at the attached information packet and itinerary.  If you have any questions, feel free to call after 4pm or email.  Don't hesitate to call, but please read all emails and information before calling.