Upcoming Trips and Events

Homecoming Schedule

posted Sep 6, 2017, 6:56 AM by Stephen T. McClard

Here is the schedule for Friday:

12:30 - Band called out

1:15 - Assembly

2:15 - Parade

3:30 - Parade ends at First Baptist.  Have plans to be picked up there.  

If you eat 3rd lunch, be prepared for a remind to eat 2nd or 1st.  I will also inform teachers.

Trailer Loading Friday - We will load the trailer on Friday morning, but leave instruments in the storage room.  Before the assembly, you need to load your case after you get your horn out.  From there, the trailers will be taken to the church parking lot to be reloaded when the parade is finished.  Book bags can go in the back of my truck.  Have a ride home from the church.  

Requests to be with other teams / activities in the parade must be requested by your coach or sponsor.  We are performing in this parade, requiring our entire organization.  If you are critical to another part of the parade, your sponsor / principal must email us with the reason before Friday.

First Dates 2017

posted Aug 30, 2017, 2:08 PM by Stephen T. McClard   [ updated Aug 30, 2017, 3:47 PM ]

Here are current dates we know so far.  We will add basketball games and Jazz Festivals soon, as well as Middle School dates.  Keep posted. 

September 1 ---- Home Game

September 8 ---- Homecoming Parade and Game

September 22 ---- Home Game

September 23 ---- SBU Parade

September 30 ---- Walnut Festival Parade

October 7th ----- Lee's Summit Marching Festival

October 13 ---- Home Game

October 20 ---- Home Game TBA (Playoff)

October 21 ---- Carthage Marching Festival

November 7th ---- HS District Band Tryouts Marshfield

November 11th ---- MS Honor Band Marshfield

November 14th ---- Jazz Band Concert with SBU

December 2 ---- State Band Auditions

December 9th ---- Bolivar Christmas Parade

December 14th ---- All Band Christmas Concert

March 19th ---- Solo Ensemble Contest Stockton

April 10th ---- MS Spring Concert

April 13th ---- State Large Ensemble Contest SBU

April 26th --- State Solo Ensemble Contest

May 8th ---- HS Spring Concert

Band Camp

posted Jul 11, 2017, 4:53 AM by Stephen T. McClard

July 17 - 21st
Guard and Percussion 9am - Noon
Freshman 1pm - 3pm

July 24 - 28
Woodwinds 10am - Noon
Brass 1pm - 3pm

July 31st - August 4th
Lunch on your own Noon - 1 (you can bring a lunch in and stay if you wish) 

Disney Information in Forms and Docs

posted May 15, 2017, 4:20 PM by Stephen T. McClard

Look at the Forms and Docs link above for current information about Disney. 

There are a few changes to the Disney trip you need to be aware of before we depart.   The bus company had trouble accommodating our Friday deliveries for the performance, so we have had to make a few adjustments.  In order to allow 8 consecutive hours of rest for our drivers, we need to amend the itinerary in the following ways:

 1)  Change the order of parks to Magic Kingdom (Wednesday), Hollywood Studios (Thursday) and Epcot (Friday).  This will allow us to then solve many problems associated with the mandatory rest periods for drivers. 

2) Parents cannot attend the Disney workshop / performance.  The students will make a DVD for parents to watch from within the workshop itself. 

3)  If you have made any fast passes or reservations, take a look at the new itinerary to make adjustments.  According to the kids we have seen today, there are no major problems with this. 

4) Many have asked about My Disney Experience and the associated App.  If you choose not to use this feature, it will not affect the trip in any way.  If you choose to use the App or website, please know that we cannot help you with this feature in any way.  All the information you need is on the Disney My Experience website, along with a support number.  You do not need to use this website to have a successful trip.  The website and app are designed to add extra features to the trip, but is not required. 

Take a look at the attached information packet and itinerary.  If you have any questions, feel free to call after 4pm or email.  Don't hesitate to call, but please read all emails and information before calling. 

Concert April 25th - 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

posted Apr 25, 2017, 11:42 AM by Stephen T. McClard


Concert tonight.  Students should wear band shirt (we will have extras) and jeans.  Times are as follows:

Call Time 6th Grade - 6:45pm
Concert - 7:00pm

Call Time 7th and 8th - 7:30pm
Concert - 7:45pm

State Contest 2017

posted Apr 17, 2017, 10:25 AM by Stephen T. McClard


TimeRoomEvent NameAccompanist
11:37 AM207 Middlebush HallWomen's 7 AlaimoGiles
11:44 AM207 Middlebush HallMen's 7 AllieGiles
2:11 PM305 Middlebush HallMeadows - SoloGiles
2:25 PM305 Middlebush HallWomen's 7 CampbellGiles
3:00 PM13 Middlebush HallRoker - SoloGiles
3:21 PM13 Middlebush HallHovey - SoloGiles
3:28 PM13 Middlebush HallPena - SoloGiles


TimeRoomEvent NameAccompanist
11:09 AM203 South Memorial UnionHopwood - SoloBunn
11:30 AM134 Fine Arts BldgTaylor - SoloBunn
1:01 PM206 N Memorial UnionEngland - SoloBunn
1:36 PM232 N Memorial UnionTrobisch - SoloBunn
2:18 PM207 South Memorial UnionWells - SoloBunn
3:42 PM204 South Memorial UnionBaer - SoloBunn
4:19 PM1 Stotler N Memorial UnionPercussion Ensemble
4:31 PM206 N Memorial UnionLeible - SoloBunn
4:38 PM145 Fine Arts BldgSax Trio

Large Ensemble and Solo Ensemble Details

posted Feb 27, 2017, 1:26 PM by Stephen T. McClard   [ updated Apr 4, 2017, 7:05 AM ]


Band State Large Ensemble Contest (April 7th)

2:00 - Load Bus / Trailer @ BHS- Black Dress Clothes at School
3:00 - Warmup SBU
3:25 - Perform - Pike
3:50 - Sight Reading
4:25 - Finished

Students can be checked out, but may not drive to SBU from school.  If special permission is needed to drive, please contact Mr. Geruin for permission.


Solo and Ensemble contest is Monday, March 6th.  Students will leave in two shifts depending on when they perform.  The first group (ensembles) leave in the morning at 7:45AM.  The second group will meet Mr. Trew in the Band Room at 2:00pm.  The contest is at Stockton.  Parents can come watch.  Times are below.

1:01ChurchPianoMakenzie Cornell
3:13426Clarinet TrioWarren
4:37422Flute soloWells

4:51422Flute soloTaylor
4:58422Flute soloWright
5:05422Flute soloTrobisch
5:12476Tuba SoloLeible

5:26476Tuba SoloEngland
5:33426Clarinet soloHopwood
5:40426Clarinet SoloGranger
5:47426Clarinet SoloBaer
9:00474Snare SoloParker McClard
9:07474Mallet EnsCornell, Pyle,
9:21426Clarinet TrioBaer
9:28422Flute TrioDevin
9:56426Sax TrioVote
9:56476Trumpet TrioHaney
10:03426Clarinet TrioMunson
10:03476Brass QuintetSaylor
10:10426Sax trioMeadows

MSU JAZZ FESTIVAL- February 25th - MSU

posted Feb 21, 2017, 12:57 PM by Stephen T. McClard

The Jazz Band will be traveling to MSU this weekend, February 25th, for the MSU Jazz Festival.  Note the new times. 

11:00am - Meet BHS
12:00pm - Arrive
1:00pm -  Warmup
1:30 Perform Hammonds Hall​
2:30 Pizza at Pizza House on Commercial
4:30 Home

Update! Junior High Band at Marshfield March 4th

posted Feb 16, 2017, 11:00 AM by Stephen T. McClard   [ updated Feb 21, 2017, 12:48 PM ]

7th and 8th grade band students will be traveling to Marshfield on March 4th for band competition.   Parents are welcome to attend.  Dress is jeans and band shirt.  Here is the schedule for the day.

7:15am - Meet at the BMS Bus Lot
7:30am - Depart
9:00 - Warmup at Marshfield
9:30 - Perform Junior High Gym

10:30 - Depart for Springfield Fazoli's Andy's

Home by 1:00pm

Junior High District Band November 12th

posted Nov 2, 2016, 3:00 PM by Stephen T. McClard

Here are details for Junior High District Band on November 12th

Depart Bolivar  6:30am

Chair Placement/Room Sectionals    8:00-8:35

Group Sectionals            8:45 – 9:15   

Rehearsal                       9:30 - Noon               

Lunch                             Noon - 1:15     (On your own)

Rehearsal                       1:30 – 4:00

Concert                           5:00 PM

FazAndy's                         6:15pm

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