2020 Program Schedule

November 12: Meet via Zoom. Dolly Foster will be sharing tips on closing out your garden for the winter.

December 10: Meet via Zoom. Kim White, master naturalist who has worked for Brookfield Zoo, will present Biomimicry: Looking to Nature to Solve Today's Problems

Gathering from 6:30 to 7 pm, program begins at 7. Business meeting follows. In-person meetings are cancelled for now. Please check our Facebook page for updates. 

Past Meetings:

  • 1/9/20 The Tall Grass Prairie: Grocery Store, Apothecary & Love Shop by Cindy Crosby
  • 2/13/20 Blooms & Bees by Jim Truesdale 
  • March presentation postponed
  • April virtual meeting
  • June virtual meeting
  • July virtual meeting
  • August: Member photos, videos and Q&A. Online garden walk (tour).
  • September: Dolly Foster's presentation on Butterfly Gardening 
  • October: Cindy Crosby's presentation on Dragonflies & Damselflies