12/9/21 Christmas Social for members

1/13/2022 Open

2/10/2022 Refreshing Tired Garden & Gardener (Beth Botts, Zoom Meeting)

3/10/2022 Organic Garden Classes "Ask Aunt V" (Veronica Porter, Community Service Council Bolingbrook)

4/14/2022 Herbal Tinctures & Growing Microgreens (Koren Finnestead, Drover's Trail Natural Farms)

5/12/2022 Plant Sale Planning

6/9/2022 Summer Social

July 30 Picnic

9/8/22 Soaring With the Birds (Alyse Cohen, Community Service Council Bolingbrook)

10/13/22 Kaleidoscope of Floral Design (Kathi Rose)

11/10/22 Fermented Vegetables Made Easy (Koren Finnestead, Drover's Trail Natural Farms)

12/8/22 Christmas Social

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