HS Foundations

Week 1 (Unit 1)
Group Problem Solving Activities

Week 2 (Unit 1)
Group Problem Solving Activities

Week 3 (Unit 1)
Prime Climb Handout
Prime vs. Composite Numbers Handout
Least Common Multiples Handout
Prime Factorization
  • Expanded Form Handout
  • Exponent Form Handout

Week 4 (Unit 1)
Special Definition of Multiplication: Groups X Items in Each Group = Items in ALL groups
Units and why it is important to use them in problems
Practice computing Distance pg. 35
Practice computing Rates pg. 34
Practice Computing Time of Travel pg. 33
Practice computing Mileage pg. 36
Practice solving word problems in different contexts with correct units pg. 37

Week 5 (Unit 1)
Types of Division
Group Word Problem Solving