Math 5001

Course Information:

Boyd 221
MWF 2:30-3:20 pm
Office Hours: TR 11 am - 12 pm

Course Text and Materials
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Activities, 4th Edition
Author: Sybilla Beckmann
Publisher: Addison Wesley
ISBN: 9780321825728
We will focus on Chapters 1-5 in this textbook.


Day 1:

Please read the following handout. It details the following textbook purchase options:
1. Buy your textbook new bundled with access code from the bookstore. Use that access code to get on the website listed in the document.
2. Buy your textbook old or from elsewhere and then purchase a standalone access code from the UGA bookstore. Most used textbooks will not have a working access code.
3. MOST PREFERRED OPTION FOR STUDENTS: Buy e-book bundled with access code at the website listed in the following document. This will enable you to easily access your book in class.

Read by Monday, August 24: Read section 1.1, do the practice exercises on page 11, and check your answers. Also do: Problems 3, 4, 6 on page 12. 

Read by Wednesday, August 26: Read section 1.2, do the practice exercises, and check your answers.

Homework 1 due Wednesday August 26: Hand in Homework 1: Problems 1, 2, 5 on page 12.

Read by Friday, August 28: Begin reading 2.1.

Read by Wednesday, September 2Begin reading 2.2

Read by Friday, September 4Begin reading 2.3.

Read by Wednesday, September 16Have up to 2.3 read in entirety. Complete the practice exercises.. Skim 2.4

Hand in by Friday, September 18:  Activity 2S CA-41

Read by Monday, September 21:  Read 2.4 & 2.5. Do all practice exercises. Hand in Homework 2: Section 2.2 #12b on page 58  and Section 2.4 #5 page 77. You will also need to do Activity 2X #3 on page CA-47. 

Quiz 1 due Monday September 28, 2015 at 8 am in ELC Commons. For timely feedback, please submit as soon as possible.

Read by Wednesday, September 29:  Read 3.2. Do all practice exercises. Hand in Homework 3: pg 110-111 #2 and 9

Read by Friday, October 2:  Read 3.3 and 3.4 Do all practice exercises. Hand in Homework 4: 3.4 pg. 131 #13 

Test 1 Wednesday October 6, 2015

Read by Monday, October 12:  Read 4.1 Do all practice exercises. Hand in Activity: page 71 Activity 4A #3

Read by Friday October 16: Read 4.2 Do all practice exercises. Hand in Homework 5: page 148  4.2 #3. Do not hand in: page 149 #4

Read by Monday October 19: Read 4.3 Do all practice exercises. Hand in Homework 6: page 160  4.3 #6. 

Read by Wednesday October 21: Read 4.4. Do all practice exercises.  

Read by Friday October 23: Read 4.5 on your own and do practice exercises 1-3.  Read 4.6. Hand in 4.4 Activity hand out in class

Quiz 2 due Sunday October 25, 2015 at 11:59 pm in ELC Commons. For timely feedback, please submit as soon as possible.

Read by Wednesday October 28: Read 5.1 and do practice exercises. Hand in 4.6 Activity 4T #4

Hand in Homework 7 Friday November 6: 5.1 page 201  problem#7 in class (Handwritten ok)

Test 2 on 3.4, Chapter 4, 5.1 in ELC. It will be open from November 19th at 12:00 pm until November 20th at 11:59 pm

Read by Monday November 16: Read 6.1 and do practice exercises, ignore exercises that address division by zero. 

Read by Wednesday November 18: Read 6.2 and do practice exercises.

Catch up over Spring Break: Have all readings done up to 6.2. Skip 6.3. Read 6.4.

Read by Wednesday December 2: Read 6.4 and do practice exercises.

Read by Friday December 4: Read 6.3 and do practice exercises.