Bo Jiang (江波)  Ph.D., Associate Professor
College of Educational Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology

288, Liuhe Rd., Hangzhou, 310023,China

Office: 210, Chuangyuan Building

Telephone:+86 571 85290347

Email:  or


I am a researcher in College of Educational Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology(ZJUT), Hangzhou, China. I'm also the deputy director of the Center for Educational Big Data (CEBD). Before joining ZJUT, I completed my Ph.D. degree from Department of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China) in 2014My research interests include data mining algorithm and educational data mining.  My ongoing work  involves unsupervised feature selection for large-scale learning  behavior data. I am particularly interested in extending the data mining into learning science to improve the learning output, predict dropout, construct the students’ cognitive and behavior model and so on. My research goal is to find hidden interesting pattern behind learning behavior using data-driven method, and then based on it, optimizing learning platform and teaching strategies to enhance learning output.

Research Interests:

  • Programming Modeling; Educational Data Mining; Learning Analytics;
  • Deep Learning; Computational Intelligence;
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education


  • Introduction to Data Mining, 2016(2)
  • Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics, 2017(1)
  • Data Base System, 2016(1), 2017(1)
  • Data Structure(C language), 2014(2),2015(2), 2016(2)
  • Computer Networks, 2015(1)

Professional Activities:

  1. Editor Board, International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation (2017-2021)
  2. Executive Committee Member, Asia-Pacific Society of Computers in Education (2018-2022)
  3. Program Committee Member, 23rd International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2015), Hangzhou, China.
  4. Poster Chair, 24th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2016), Mumbai, India.
  5. Program Committee Member, The 2017 International Conference on Advanced Technologies Enhanced Education (ICAT2E), Qingdao, China
  6. Program Committee Member, The 6th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (AAI 2017), Hamamatsu, Japan.
  7. Sub-Conference Chair, C7: Learning Analytics, Assessment and Artificial Intelligence in Education, The 22nd Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE 2018), May 25-28,2018, Guangzhou, China.

 Journal Publications:  

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Conference Proceedings:  

  1. Ming Gao,Bo Jiang and Wanjian Li.Block-based Programming Behavior Modelling with Block Categories Sequences Analytics. GCCCE2018. (Submitted)
  2. Wanjian Li, Jiang Bo, Ming Gao, Zhixuan Li and Xiaoxia Wang.Automatically Confusion Detecting Using Students’ Facial Expression.GCCCE2018.(Submitted)
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