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Friday 5:30pm Finals  "Mile Run" JV Girls
4/12/2019 5:45pm Finals "Mile Run" JV Boys
  6:00pm Finals High Jump Girls  (Opening height 4'10) 
  6:00pm Finals High Jump Boys  (Opening height 6'0)
  6:00pm Trials 200m Girls
  6:30pm Trials Pole Vault Boys  (Opening height 11'6)
  6:45pm Trials 200m Boys
  7:30pm Finals 4x800m Boys
  8:00pm Finals 4x800m Girls
  8:45pm Sections 3200m Boys  (All sections except fastest)
Saturday 8:45am Finals 3200m Girls   (All sections)  
4/13/2019 9:00am Finals Triple Jump Girls
  9:00am Finals Triple Jump Boys
  9:30am Finals Pole Vault Girls   (Opening height 8'6)
  9:30am Finals Discus Boys
  9:30am Finals Shot Put Girls
  9:30am Trials 100m Girls
  10:15am Trials 100m Boys
  11:00am Trials 100m HH Girls
  11:45pm Trials 110m HH Boys
  12:45pm Opening  Ceremony  
  1:00pm Finals 4x100m Girls
  1:20pm Finals 4x100m Boys
  1:45pm Finals(2 Heats) 100m HH Girls
  1:55pm Finals(2 Heats) 110m HH Boys
  2:05pm Finals(2 Heats) 100m  Girls
  2:15pm Finals(2 Heats) 100m Boys
  2:25pm Finals Mile Girls  
  2:30pm Finals Shot Put Boys
  2:30pm Finals Discus Girls
  2:30pm Finals Long Jump Girls
  2:30pm Finals Long Jump Boys
  3:00pm Finals Pole Vault Boys  (Opening height 13"0)
  3:10pm Finals Mile Boys  
  3:55pm Finals 400m Girls   (Declare 11:30 to 1:30)
  4:25pm Finals 400m Boys  (Declare 11:30 to 1:30)
  5:00pm Finals 400m IH Girls   (Declare 11:30 to 2:00)
  5:25pm Finals 400m IH Boys  (Declare 11:30 to 2:00)
  5:50pm Finals 800m Girls  
  6:20pm Finals 800m Boys  
  6:50pm Finals(2 Heats) 200m Girls
  6:57pm Finals(2 Heats) 200m Boys
  7:02pm Finals 3200m Boys   (Fast section)
  7:15pm Finals 4x400m Girls    (Declare 2:00 to 4:00)
  7:45pm Finals 4x400m Boys   (Declare 2:00 to 4:00)
  8:15pm Awards Ceremony