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Rugby is a game like nothing else! The ball is advanced by running or kicking it forward. The rugby ball carrier can be
tackled and must immediately release the ball, thus, play is continuous. It's the ultimate sport that incorporates fitness, speed, strength, intelligence and heart. Is this the sport for you? The Boise Nemesis Women's Rugby Club is looking for enthusiastic women to join our team and learn this challenging and fun sport. No experience is necessary!
Boise Nemesis Rugby is Boise's first women's rugby club. Our team has members of all ages (from high school and up) and abilities (from never even seen a ball to played more than 10 years). Come out and join today!

Practices are on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm at Fairmont Park during the fall and spring seasons. Also we practice on Saturday and Sunday's at 11:00 at Peirce Park Elementary School.  

It is recommended that you bring cleats, a mouth guard, water, and a couple of friends to practice.

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