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FURTHER EXPLANATION why THERE is NO significant risk present when loading my page

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As I said BEFORE:

On the MAIN page, THERE is
virus, malware, trojan or ANYTHING similar that could harm your computer contents PRESENT!

BUT one fact is true: The site is NOT (as is true for the vast majority of them out there made by 'amateurs' like me) totally secure by certain standards (valid certificates,...) and COULD be potentially used as a illegal "gateway" into your computer. But since I'm NOT a commercial site and have and will continue to have (also taking into consideration the BEST scenario) few visitors in comparison to LARGER sites, the tiny risk that something like that MIGHT HAPPEN is NOTHING more than a warning than anything else.

And before making a judgement also try to consider something else:

I'm pretty much sure that most of you visited or are visiting sites that REALLY pose a threat and you don't even know it. WHY? Because those who try to EXPLOIT weaknesses in the software and posses the knowledge to do so, use techniques that go way beyond, what you see here and are ALWAYS a step before those, who try to prevent such things.

I'll give you an EXAMPLE of that, which I experienced myself:

Quite a long time ago, I received a phone call on my mobile phone from a number, that was at that time UNKNOWN to me. On the other side was a woman voice and she introduced herself as a REPRESENTATIVE of the
VISA credit card company I possess.

She informed me of the fact, that in the process of doing random checks, they have encountered SOME SUSPICIOUS transactions going on, using my CONFIDENTIAL credit card information, most important being the PIN code and the CCV number.

She asked me, if I did those purchases or not. Although it was going for fairly small amounts (as I faintly remember the highest number was around 15 or 20 €), I was TOTALLY shocked and speechless fur quite some time and she had to ask me, if I'm still there.

This NEGATIVE, almost SHOCKING surprise on my side, was PRIMARILY because of 2 facts:

Even if the amount in the question was small
(I'm simplifying and just saying, that a few dozen Euro aren't regarded as lot of money by MOST of the standards - a TOTALLY wrong point of view if you ask me, but that is another story, my personal opinion and has NO importance here...), but for me, it did mean quite a substantial amount (and if nothing else, IT WAS STOLEN MONEY, so it would make no difference, if there would be 20 cents instead of 20 € involved ) I could NOT afford to loose!.

2. I have taken EVERY possible PRECAUTION an AVERAGE internet user (with this I mean someone, who uses VAST on-line resources, which are nowadays available, mostly for additional EDUCATION, for access to additional NEWS or ARTICLES, for SOCIAL networking, e-mail and occasional e-shopping and such people, who present a vast MAJORITY of Internet users, with their numbers exceeding a billion - about this figure I'm nut sure, but I know, it is huge) can: best ANTI-VIRUS software, FIREWALL, regular WINDOWS updates, AND staying away from sites, that even remotely 'smell' as being involved in ANY-KIND of piracy...

I explained this facts to this very nice EMPLOYEE, which contacted me personally and her response to my 'inquiries' was similar to the facts I have already stated above and even MORE important were some other facts she pointed out:

A) There was NOT ANYTHING I could have done to prevent this, because at the level we are right now, there is YET NO NEED for the 'big companies' to worry, renew and raise their level of security, UNTIL their profit will start to suffer because of such events. Meaning: What are a few thousand EURO or even 10 times that amount that is lost by such events (done by 'hackers', which do this for living and are in my eyes even worse than ORDINARY thieves. A better description for such people - if you'd ask me - would be: WORTHLESS, COWARDLY pieces of scum - because they are and will in most cases remain faceless and are exploiting ordinary people in the same way as they do the "big" companies) in comparison to tens of millions they earn EVERY single day. The 'math' here is simple, to figure out the percentage, that is lost. But eventually 'the tide will turn' and as is true in most cases, a REAL disaster must happen, before those, who have the means to fight back, REALLY do something.

B) Because and UNTIL this 'percentage' I was talking about under A) will remain 'pocket change' (here comes the best part) YOU ARE NOT responsible, if such things that are full of 'irregularities' happen and YOU DO NO HAVE TO COVER your loss (the only trouble you'll get is to fill out some forms and a bitter 'after-taste', that you can't feel secure ANYWHERE)

Anyway, if you still worry, information about THIS particular warning is much better explained,
by people who do this things for living. And in order to get this information, just click on the red https (if it even appears...) 


By-the-way a question: If you encountered a similar warning before, did anyone (site owner, manager,...) bother to inform and explain to you, that a potential risk ALWAYS exists, albeit so small? I suppose NOT...  

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