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BOINC achievements

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UPDATED (on 02.08.2012)

This certificate represents ALL of the work done for EVERY BOINC project I participated in since the beginning!

All other THREE 'diplomas' are I guess some sort of proof without ANY-KIND of FORMAL significance, meant to REMIND me CONSTANTLY (myself ONLY !!!), that I've accomplished something - albeit VERY small, almost TINY - that can be regarded as common good in all those years of my participation in projects I've put most of my time into them (maybe just to get them to work), projects that I've been a member for the longest time, or projects, that have SOME OTHER PERSONAL significance to me.


Why show them of then? Certainly OTHERS have achieved BETTER results or have been members for a longer time. The REASON behind is SIMPLE:

When I look at them at home on my PC, then they have a GREAT personal value for me, as I already explained ABOVE. But when You look at them HERE, I hope they can serve the SAME purpose to EVERY possible volunteer as they DID and continue to do so to me. And I HOPE, for those that ALREADY participate, this 'certificates' can give even a little bit of EXTRA 'push' or motivation, to EXCEED those figures they see ABOVE! 

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