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A MESSAGE TO THE VISITOR (and I'd be grateful if you read ONLY this, before deciding if it's worth to continue reading on)

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Yesterday I - just by chance - realised, that the 'task' to actually READ or simply NAVIGATE (especially if there are subjects, that are of no interest to some visitors, present) to the END of my page, can be quite a 'daunting challenge'.

So I can EASILY relate to those, who load the page and the first thing they see, is something, what because of so much different 'intertwined' stories and topics, at first glance resembles an almost impassable 'tropic jungle', than an ORGANISED web page. It is much easier simply to leave, instead of taking into account a few minutes of concentration more, as is 'usually' required for 'checking' a NEW 'possible page of interest', out (because most pages are better organised than mine is and thus EASIER and much FASTER to read) and make the effort, to at least try to 'make your way' to the end. (Why is that so? Because many times I would and DID EXACTLY THE SAME, if I were (was) in 'their' shoes'!)

My point is simple: Do the exception (no matter if you skip parts of no interest to you) and you WILL find (even if at the end) LINKS, TOPICS, WIDGETS, that ARE THERE for the REAL reasons, reasons the page was meant for in the first place.

Even myself, once I succeeded in the effort to make something, that even remotely resembles a 'decent' web page and I felt relieved, when I saw, that it was up and running, hadn't at the time the slightest idea, that it would soon turn out to be much larger and complicated, than I ever imagined. The reason for this lies probably in the fact, that I put too much emphasis on the content and too little on the outlook and design. I just could not help myself to share many of my own experiences and to RESIST to the "urge", that sometimes - believe it or not - seemed so strong, that I felt better and almost relieved, only after I have written EVERYTHING, that at the moment (and that could be in the middle of night) seemed important to me, down (not mentioning, that THERE was NO ONE to help me out or at least give me some advice).

But - AS ALWAYS: In the end it will be YOUR choice what to do, but it just may happen, that somewhere 'in between the lines' of all those words, you'll find unrelated 'things' you've been searching before unsuccessfully and would never imagine to find them here, on this site. It may not be instantly or the exact topic you were searching for, but therefore equally or even more important to You.


I have in plan to COMPLETELY 'redesign' the page. But this is at the time not possible (for many reasons). Even so, that does not mean, it will not happen. I do just not have the habit of making promises, for which I'm not sure, I can full-fill.

But nevertheless:
To make it a little easier to 'navigate' through this 'jungle', I put on the SIDEBAR on the left side the links of ALL MY 5 (FIVE) sub-pages in order to access them more easily, if you find interest in them.

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