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In memory of ALL who have lost their lives in the EVENTS of 11/9/2001, but also to ALL of the families, friends and MANY other, who suffered (and still do) as a DIRECT or INDIRECT consequence of this.

My words may sound shallow or are inappropriate, but PLEASE DO KNOW, that they are SINCERE and come from my heart.

I know, that there are wounds, which can NEVER heal, one can just learn to live with them and do as much as he can to continue his or her life as 'NORMAL' as possible.

BUT let us also NOT FORGET, that those events in the following months and years CHANGED ALL of US (including myself) and more IMPORTANTLY OUR SOCIETY as a whole forever. I may be oversimplifying and this is only my humble opinion, but the path our society took decades ago, was fundamentally WRONG and was also ONE of many reasons for the tragic events in 2001. Sadly it seems (especially in such HISTORIC moments), that the humanity as a whole, DOES NOT LEARN ANYTHING from such lessons and when we are given a chance to choose which path into FUTURE to follow, when 'crossroads' appear before us in 'plain sight' the MAJORITY of people continue on the road, which is NOW WITHOUT ANY DOUBT a DEAD END!

I excuse myself for boring you at so an early stage, but just for case:

SOMETHING IMPORTANT you should know BEFORE loading my page:

At arriving at my site, it might happen , that You WILL BE WARNED, that THIS page is NOT SAFE (secure) and asked if you really want to load the contents (indicated by the: https:\\... being RED and crossed over, or some SIMILAR warning - the sort of warning will depend  on the OS and the browser you use, your security settings,...).

I can ASSURE you, that there IS NOT ANYTHING present, that could harm your computer (virus, malware, trojan,...), so PLEASE, disregard the warning. This WARNING appears purely because of my POOR programming knowledge (using scripts, that are not compatible, code that is USELESS and could be REMOVED without harm,...) and if I'm completely honest, even I'm not totally sure, why this happens.

                                                                                                   BUT I DO KNOW FOR SURE, that the site by itself and the content I PUT IN PERSONALLY,  IS HARMLESS, and by doing so, I had  ONLY POSITIVE intentions in my mind!


Because it is REALLY difficult to NAVIGATE on my page, there is a BIG chance you'll miss the subjects you were looking for. JUST TAKE a LOOK at the TOP of the SIDEBAR (on the left) to gain EASY ACCESS to the topics you might be interested in!

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(Important) UPDATE (16.03.2012) 

First greetings to ALL of You, who have found  this page and a message to the (patient) RETURNING visitors:

I must excuse myself for not updating the page for so long, but without all long explanations and reasons for this, one thing is clear:

'THIS page NEEDS a MAJOR redesign and a LOT of time to invest in if I even remotely stand a chance, to make it such as I imagined it in first place. Here lie the problems to achieve in this 'endeavour':

1. Because I'm alone, have very little knowledge about web page programming and maybe eve more important - page DESIGN, this would be a TIME CONSUMING job, if not FULL time day job.

2. AND, at the moment, there is ABSOLUTELY no prospect for me, to get someone to help me, or put this project HIGHER on my 'priority list' (giving me at least in theory the chance to do EVERYTHING that I have in mind MYSELF), because that would mean investing a LOT MORE time. Sadly, that is for now OUT of QUESTION, because I have more urgent matters to attend to.

3. Maybe the BIGGEST problem lies in MYSELF, because I have  (as I always did) VERY HIGH criteria for something that I deem is important to me (e.g.  this web page). So, if something into what I put my time, sweat, learning and hard work in, turns out to be AVERAGE at maximum, I consider this as a FAILURE. The perfect example for this is the question, why have I studied medicine. I could study ANYTHING, but ONLY medicine (or being a physician) is something I'm EXCELLENT at. Not because I have any special talents, BUT because I LOVE and ENJOY the work. Because it gets the BEST out of me: my CURIOSITY,  CREATIVITY, being able to think 'outside of the box' and the opportunity to help OTHERS, because with that I help also MYSELF (we all know, how rewarding the feeling of doing something good and unselfish can be);

4. So the conclusion of ALL this is - at least in THIS moment - OBVIOUS. Things haven't turned out so, as I imagined (if I simplify) and the result is MEDIOCRE at best. Maybe enough for some, but for me that equals FAILURE. I'm not saying, that this means the END of the page, but I'll wait for times, when the question I'll ask myself won't be: 'Is it even worth to continue?' but: 'What can I do, to make this page EVEN BETTER?!'

5. WHEN (or IF even in this form) will this be? Sincerely: I DO NOT KNOW? I haven't abandoned  the idea, HOW should this page LOOK and what CONTENT should it have. The CONCEPT for that is FIRMLY 'anchored' in my head. I just can not answer, when I'll be able to transfer those words and ideas (that sound nice, but are useless until they are 'ACTED UPON') into REALITY.  The best answer would probably be found in one of very well known song around the world, created by ENYA: 'ONLY TIME'...


I have included some crucial updates, but when the next one will come is another topic...

UPDATE (27.01.2012):


NEW update
(21.01.2012) - some more PERSONAL facts about me (you can skip this section ENTIRELY, if You came to my page for COMPLETELY OTHER reasons)

 I'm in the process of  learning how to do things RIGHT, if you have your "OWN" web page, BECAUSE whenever I look at the number of visitors, I'm disappointed, and I'm SLOWLY (through trial and ERROR) learning, that this is ONLY my fault:
Namely, to make a 'successful' web page you need MUCH more than just interesting content to present (and even that could be arguable) and ENTHUSIASM AND then EVERY problem, that might (and will) arise, can be practically solved in 'no time'. Yes, if you are familiar with web-page design (even BASIC), but if NOT and you have started practically from 'scratch' a 'little' more KNOWLEDGE (an understatement) and learning is needed to succeed in that!

And to achieve all this: To be successful at what you are doing, not only in this field but in every other science 'project'  (this 'term' is meant to be broad as possible) - and me, being a physician - , I could not come up with a better example 
(which UNEXPECTEDLY turned out to be even more than that) to 'demonstrate' this 'UNAVOIDABLE' fact of life, which can be seen and read below in a smaller PRIMARILY italic font  (it turned out to be a 'little' (too) long, but now - if you are a RETURNING visitor - you are surely familiar with this - sometimes annoying characteristics of me :).

BESIDE that: To ENSURE that this success you finally achieved REMAINS a success, you have to invest time, hard work, constant education, dedication and I'm sure I forgot some things to mention. Nevertheless, if you continue your 'path' through my page, which is sometimes hard to read, as I tried to put so many topics - which sometimes seem so UNRELATED to each other - together  you will 'stumble' upon my motto (written in LATIN language), which is written in such a way, that it can't be missed, and that phrase ALONE tells a lot. But first things first:

THERE ARE NO SHORT-CUTS in matters You have chosen to be important for you. PERIOD.

 OBVIOUSLY there is and there CAN be no comparison, BUT to be a physician, there is also a reason to spend a lot of years with doing things, that at the time seemed as: "
What the heck has this to with xxx and I don't go to the Medical school just to learn something like that." It takes a few more years to finally "get it" and when you do, you almost feel ashamed you had such thoughts...
BUT that only gives you the right, that behind your name, can be the title MD (or dr. med.) and NOTHING ELSE (something that a lot of people should be reminded of)! In order to be a GOOD, CAPABLE and primarily an EXPERT of your 'field' you REQUIRE constant education and learning (regardless how many titles you wear before or behind your name.

And as I'm (CONVENIENTLY) right in the middle of this topic, just a short story - take it as 'a desert after a good meal', but the TRUTH is I just could not resist and not ONLY that: I was reminded of ONE important fact of life:

HOW interconnected ALL things in life are, that it sometimes takes years if not more, to connect ALL the 'puzzle' pieces together and when the time comes and the COMPLETE finished pictures emerges, you are speechless, Why? Because it is sometimes SOMETHING TOTALLY different as one could  even imagine.  (well, here we are AGAIN: it did not turn out to be as short as I expected, but nevertheless, what is DONE is DONE):

I don't know  when this 'boom' started, but as I now look around me, it almost seems, that there seems to be something going on, that can be called almost an obsession: The goal being to obtain as much "science" or academic titles as possible. This "competition" encourages the mentality to achieve this as fast as it goes and the younger you are, the better. That has NOTHING to with science or TRUE ACADEMICS, who by all means deserve them. Their wisdom, knowledge, creativity,  to name a few characteristics they posses SPEAK for themselves ALONE and such people can be an inspiration for a whole generation. For me, that should be the TRUE meaning of such a title - to honour the person and ACKNOWLEDGE his contribution to the SOCIETY and SCIENCE itself as a whole. Today the situation seems to be REVERSED and the titles (which in some cases say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about persons TRUE capabilities) itself do the representation for the person behind it ALONE - It goes in many cases so far, that a potential employer, who is trying to hire a new employee, does that (consciously or unconsciously) based SOLELY on that fact ALONE. I've seen this happen but I have been also privileged  to see the consequences (if I use nice words, lets us say, it was not pretty)  I ask myself, what in our society is nowadays regarded of being worth more: Something what somebody is TRULY good at (no matter his references) OR the REFERENCES itself (no matter the person behind it). At least something is true and (will ALWAYS be) that is (somewhat) comforting: WHATEVER references or TITLES a person may have, they represent ONLY a 'ticket'. And a ticket has its value ONLY as an entry point and evidence, that gives you the right to 'travel' from point A to B. Such 'voyage' may be long (I've seen it lasting several years), but one might say: The longer its valid, the harder and more painful will be the fall on the ground, when it 'expires'.

 Not so long ago a very wise physician, with a BIG heart (a fact that he almost fanatical tries to hide behind his cynicism and sarcasm - and I do not blame him, because in "our" country, the ONLY way to succeed in the medical profession and that your career has a chance to rise is (especially if you are different, stand out of the majority in comparison to your peers in ANY aspect and least but not last - from what BACKGROUND you come from), among other 'necessities' , DEPENDANT on the fact, how good an actor you are, to be able to hide that what or who you REALLY are, but the sad part is - AND I STAND BEHIND THAT!!! - MOST (but not ALL! - by saying that and putting everyone and everything into the same 'drawer', I would be the same or even worse) 'successful' physicians do not need to act in order to hide their real face, BECAUSE  A) they  HAVE NO HEART or B) they have lost it sometime long ago, perhaps without knowing it, because they made a CHOICE (but the problem with choices - especially so important ones is: YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM!), what is more important to them, the CAREER or the PATIENTS and if they have chosen the former instead of latter, no matter how difficult the choice may have been, the outcome and the 'stage' for their future decisions was set) said to me:

 'Those (clinical) physicians, who wish to do their work well, do not need titles or said even better - if they perform their work well, they DO NOT HAVE the time which is needed to invest to receive such a 'precious' title.'

 And guess what: I've met and socialised - more or (rather) LESS, but enough to get an impression of their skill, dedication and also other qualities - with quite a lot of physicians. The physician I was talking about before, has no special title, but the irony is: In my opinion, HE DESERVES a Ph.D. MORE or at least the SAME as most of the other 'physicians' I had the privilege to work with and sometimes (albeit rarely) learn from. A FACT, which gives his statement EVEN more weight. So before you DISREGARD my statements (which surely 'mess' with the 'hornets nest'), please do me a favour and check out from FORMAL sources, how many NEW Ph.Ds, BsCs and other academic titles suddenly appeared so to say 'out of nowhere' in a so SHORT time span (not to mention what simultaneously happened with the average age of those persons)   









                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Those 3 web page links and their respective 3 logos ARE the PRIMARY interconnected sites where ALL the information, required software, tools and explanations are found - so to say, A STARTING place for everyone wishing to participate (several million of people across all the world ALREADY are).

ANOTHER (of many) good places to start Your 'voyage' into the world of volunteer, distributed computing grid called BOINC can be found if you click on the widget BELOW (not to mention its original purpose):

To inform people about CRUCIAL projects news, or if I use words with some imagination, you can think of it as the 'CNN of BOINC
' :)

If you wonder, why I made the comparison with the CNN:
Because the aim of the widget is to inform you about those news FAST, REGULARLY and it 'covers' almost ALL of the projects out there (I imagine, that this is quite a daunting task, considering, that the number of projects available grows steadily and this has never been done with such quick pace as nowadays.)

UnitedBoinc.com project news and info

UPDATE (21.03.2012)

In addition to the 'NEWS' widget, I've also added the 'logo' BELOW, which by clicking on it, takes you DIRECTLY to the page discussed above, because there, they do an EXCELLENT work in promoting BOINC and EVERYTHING what goes along that.

In theory a task that is virtually the same I had (and still have) in mind, when this page was still in its 'infancy'. But obviously, there's an important difference and a sharp contrast between my efforts and theirs:

Their page is designed and run PROFESSIONALLY and has  people  (PLURAL - !), which have dedicated a lot of their time, to promote the cause of BOINC and to volunteer computing. Something I CAN NEVER achieve on my OWN, but if I succeeded in raising sufficient interest in ALL of You, who came so far, that you visit it and continue from there on, I've been successful, because that means, that I have also contributed my part , no matter, how small it may be, if you consider, that I only pointed you in the right direction.

United BOINC


An important feature of the page discussed above is also a very well organised OVERVIEW  of each of the available projects (at least most of them), which includes ALL the info about a particular project you might be interested in. To give an impression , what exactly did I mean with that:

BELOW you'll find examples of a fraction of PROJECTS they 'cover' in the form of the projects LOGOTYPE and the link, that upon clicking on it, will take you to their web site and page,  where  the respective project is covered in DETAIL!




Those links (with their respective logos) AREN'T the actual home of the project, but contain EVERY POSSIBLE info you might be interested in (among other things ALSO the ACTUAL home address of the project). And do not forget:

Those 6 you see here on my site serve just as a tiny example of what you can expect and at least of one thing I'm sure:


In spite of what I have written above, one may ask itself or me, why even bother, if there are better, bigger, more organised sites out there with the same 'mission'. My answer is simple:

It is not important which possible adjective you choose to use, to express in which aspect one or another site might be better. There will always be better sites out there. And I'm SURE there EXISTS a better site than theirs somewhere. And that is good news. Because this is not about competition, but a JOINT effort in which EVERY SINGLE PERSON does its best to do its share to inform, educate and get as much people as they can involved in the same cause:

To help, volunteer and make its donation, each one within its own capabilities. And how to achieve this goal better than have as many sites with the same goal out there - big, small, amateur, more professional,.... IT MAKES no difference as long we ALL have the same goal at the end of the road in sight. And the biggest lesson there may be to learn is:

This goal can be reached ONLY TOGETHER!

So my primary goal is - and will probably remain (and more similar and even better sites are out there, the better!!!) - to ALSO CONTINUE to inform the public of my contribution to
 and MUCH more important, to inspire others to join and also help in their own way.

I've decided to put this picture - 'my BOINC signature' and the link, where you can create your own (you first need to register and be active in some BOINC projects to be a member) on this place, because it is (most of the time) VERY ACCURATE and up-to-date, compared to many similar 'services' out there. Not to mention it is OFFICIAL. The reason I did that so late (28.11.2011) is simple - it is not long I discovered that it even exists (a kind of irony, when you take into consideration I've been involved with BOINC projects for quite some time now) and beside all the characteristics it has, the 'signature'  is also HIGHLY customizable.

Most likely 20 years ago, a statement, that EVERYBODY can make a change, in a world we live TODAY, CAN should be substituted with MUST, if we even stand a chance to live our lives in such a way we got almost used  to and take it for granted in last decades. And don't get me wrong, this is goes far beyond  BOINC, but it is a good example for the fact that every great thing starts with a small idea, born in an instant flash of inspiration by an individual (who is almost always by definition decades before others in the terms of thinking 'outside the box' or said otherwise whose perspective is much broader then yours (or mine) and was therefore treated accordingly - just to be sure: my last words had a NEGATIVE connotation - and there is no need to go into detail.

But a fact that is indisputable:  History that repeats itself is our best teacher and provides us with evidence that every 50 , 100 or even more  years  AFTER  that, when this idea was 'born' and eventually transformed into reality and the generation or two which lives at the time, when the 'idea', through various long lasting  processes 'evolved' into a fact of life, which no one doubts or questions any-more , but only FEW people see and recognise the whole picture. Namely, that we ONLY enjoy the 'fruits' of something, that was a long time ago merely a carefully seeded 'root', which needed a lot of time, work, sweat, personal sacrifice and MUCH, MUCH more, to become something WE take for granted. This is the price,  that some have to pay in order to turn 'science fiction' into
our  (narrow perceived)  reality . BUT roles do change and those who were laughed at beginning are literally those who laugh the last or in most cases someone laughs on their behalf). The tragedy is only, that the time is running out and I can not go beyond the fact, if this role change has in OUR times even enough time available to occur.

 If my page is successful in the goal to make people (more) clear, that EVERYTHING GREAT starts MANY times with a SINGLE human being (or a group) and if that (in this case) means only ONE person does the right 'step' because of me, giving him or her the final piece of a 'jigsaw puzzle' they missed to  do so, then I regard that as a success.

I won't deny, that my words sound more philosophic, than scientific (by the way: not something, that by definition EXCLUDES the other) but to be honest:

 I DON'T CARE! My goal is, that this message reaches as many people as possible. Bare with me just a little more time and now I speak as a physician who long thought that his unorthodox thinking and methods were a mistake (responsible for all thrown obstacles I've encountered on my life road) not a blessing. Just as it is true that there are some among us who are fortunate enough to have grown beyond that what is written here, without the need to be reminded by anyone or anything, to change the world, so is also true, that the majority needs a little push or help.


If we leave the cause of changing the world  by side for minute, I think, there is NOT A SINGLE MAN, WOMAN or CHILD AMONG US WHO DOES NOT WISH TO ENHANCE THEIR MENTAL CAPABILITIES. Now I've reached the end of the road and someone else is there to pick up, where I left and here LUMOSITY steps in:

If You or anyone close to you searches for some kind of a web based program to help develop YOU The Human Brain further (it is of no importance if you are a student preparing for an exam, a worried parent whose sons or daughters performances are or at least seem to be below average for its age group - no matter the cause -, heck even if you are a genius, or if you seek 'enlightenment' in such or another way and we all know that the path of least resistance to achieve this is, is to be best prepared physically and MENTALLY and this is THE site that can help you with the latter one and give you advice on the former (in a scientific way without excluding areas that some would call border science) how you can develop further also in this equally important area :

(To be clear and resolve something now is better then it would be later: They, nor anyone else DOES NOT PAY ME a cent to advertise this or my 'philosophy' (as you wish to call it) in the form of the words I have written - yet it may become a necessity, just to keep this page up and all the projects I'm participating in :) BUT again: I DON'T CARE if you question my motives. I did so because of my own conscience to broaden the access to this (or if you like it better - alternative) kind  of knowledge. It helped me in various ways that go beyond a definition with words and I know it can help YOU. So why should I keep all this for myself?! And it even becomes better: 

should you believe me? I could now have the speech regarding the Hippocratic oath,  listening to my conscience as a reminder of being a certified physician by setting an example, someone who believes, that knowledge is a right not a privilege and blah, blah, blah.... ANSWER: You don't have to believe me. And it may be even better so:


I've set up a sub-page, where you - at least in a sense - get a feeling how to also keep track of your progress and DISCIPLINE in an somewhat unique form, as the LUMOSITY site designers after completion of a PARTICULAR course consisting of training sessions (each course can have different number of sessions - until now I've encountered and completed 3 - 2 consisting of 40 and 1 of 20 sessions) presents you with a symbolic 'graduation' and you receive a CERTIFICATE (I don't know for others, but for me this system works just fine and keeps me motivated):

But something can't be ignored. Lumosity helped me and continues to do so (I have ADHD, but I wrote this PERSONAL FACT only because it catches attention. This condition is only a fraction of all the human spectrum of possible 'conditions' where all effective help offered is appreciated.). That is the first point, secondly: I would not call myself an expert, but if I dedicated half of my life, one way or another, and most of that time was to finish my formal education and then actively worked as a physician to help others, that speaks for itself. I'd also be glad if someone would have ANY questions (and I excuse myself for my language) AND 'the guts' to ask SOMETHING regarding this interconnected  field of medicine and neuroscience and I can help him/her with my answers and if I don't know them, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, there is someone who does and he can be asked instead of me (but in order to get an answer you should first know the question well - which is also one of the purposes of this site)


(This really does not belong here, but I can't resist myself: In years working with fellow doctors I found out, that one of the most difficult sentences for them to say is: "I DON'T KNOW." There is nothing wrong with that. It is actually a good thing. Example: If you know and visit your doctor for years and you NEVER heard him or her say that sentence, then this should raise your red flag. Such thing to know everything doesn't exist and one of the small miracles of the medical profession is EXACTLY that: To learn new things and not to do so in a manner that the cost of gaining this knowledge rests on the shoulders of our patients and by being too proud to admit that we don't know something - there is maybe a positive EXCEPTION: If your speciality is Pathology, it really may be true, that for one particular person the answer came too late, but as I learned recently first hand, one of the primary roles of a pathologist is (or at least should be), to PREVENT something similar from happening again.)

UPDATE - 28.7.2012  (orientated primarily to SLOVENIAN citizens - but with NO MEANS ONLY to or for them):

If the visitors from SLOVENIA, have taken their time to READ ALL of my WEB-PAGE and were able (and were ALSO INTERESTED) to read ALSO 'in between' the lines, where I'm also more or less OPENLY (or in some cases HIDDEN behind cynicism and sarcasm) talking about my PERSONAL experiences in the MEDICAL community (great injustices - a BIG UNDERSTATEMENT - being done, lives - NOT ONLY mine - pushed to the brink of existence, just because someone CHOOSES  to follow HIS conscience and the Hippocratic  oath, just because he stands out, just because he is DIFFERENT, or just perhaps SOME people see some UNDEFINED threat by dealing with him in their imagination) and my personal struggle with ADHD and they have a wish to talk with someone, WHO had gathered a LOT of experience, what can happen to CERTAIN people, for example:

 'If they choose not to be silenced for various reasons, because GREAT INJUSTICE and PAIN  has been caused to them or their LOVED ones by 'others' and they have gone through similar experiences or COMPLETELY different ones, the common denominator being ONLY the fact, that EVERYWHERE or EVERYONE they tried to TURN to, they SUDDENLY encountered, let me guess:

Previously wide open doors, which are now 'closed' ;
                          'People rather looking the other way around and in the end YOU are ASKING yourself:

 "Am I imagining all this?", "Am I suddenly gone crazy and paranoid?", "Where are now ALL the friends I had and when I need them?

DON''T let it come so far! 

I'm perfectly willing to share ANY EXPERIENCES and try to help as I possible I can. AND even if I CAN NOT, I know how IMPORTANT it is, that someone listens to you and that You regain the feeling of NOT being alone in even so DIRE SITUATION!  The BENEFIT here is MUTUAL and this fact is VERY important.


This is just a simple INVITATION, which you can completely skip, you don't even have to read a single word. But DO know, my doors are OPEN. If You choose to step in, its NOT my decision, in fact it may be something as subtle as a 'hunch' you feel in your stomach. If you choose to follow it, it is only the FIRST step. But sure you are familiar with the saying:

'Every journey starts...'


For the end: What the heck does all this writing in the beginning have to with my last two or three paragraphs regarding LUMOSITY? That is really the million dollar question. If You know the answer (as I struggled for years to get it - in a modified form -, only to find out, that the question I asked was WRONG), I can CERTAINLY also learn a lot from You. 

Written (but not finished) at the end of September 2011 by Denis PUHAR, dr. med., also known as Seeker, Seeker78 or Seeker2000 and sometimes as Seeker2710



I do apologise for my (sometimes poor) English knowledge, especially my grammatically wrong used words, because I was born and raised in the EU. But if you stumble upon that only and don't see the BIG picture, it may be well suited for you to just stop reading - it is a waste of your energy. And I even see no point in explaining why. But don't get me wrong, every constructive criticism is welcomed, just with one rule:  that it is not only an excuse for mocking me or even something worse - an attempt to BLOCK sharing my message to as much people as possible.

Here I can and must also ask for help: If YOU by chance see, look or even read my page, you DON'T have to agree with anything. But in spite of that I'm asking to spread the message around - in any way you feel comfortable with: maybe only in person, through various social networks or just click the +1 button. It takes very little effort, does no harm and in many cases it can be helpful beyond imagining. I'm sure there are numerous people who need and seek advice when their child (or themselves) has (have) ADHD or ANY other condition and everything they are hearing are damaging words which make people who are affected and in need desperate and losing even more hope. 

I did not make this up. This was an ordeal my mother and I went through.  I was fortunate to be diagnosed at an early age, but when we had to move from Germany to Slovenia when I was still very young (at that time it was known as now former Yugoslavia) the term ADHD was not heard of and my medical documentation conveniently got lost. It took 25 years to re-establish what was already known. Imagine that those documents would not be lost, how easier would be for me to fit in and many painful things that happened would be spared to me. But this is past and I honestly believe, that it had its purpose, but that is another story... 

I gave ADHD deliberately just as a tiny example because I can speak only for myself and what I experienced simply because of the people who judged me on my extravagant (NOT deviant) behaviour or said another way:  because I always stood out and was different, but instead to take this as an opportunity to get to know me (some eventually did and we remained friends till today but I can count them with the finger of one hand) they more often than not assumed the worst (and even more shocking is the fact that this trend was much more prevalent at people which call themselves intellectuals or were regarding themselves as "highly educated").

I'm not skilled at 'marketing' or spreading my work, knowledge and opinions through means which are dictated by our never stopping life pace and although I'm familiar with (almost) all of the social networks around I use them (If I even get the chance to learn how and keep up with them - time is not on my side, much less money) if there is no other way. And in those times there IS NO other way. So if you aren't willing to help me, there are plenty of people out there, who would gladly help and also accept help.

I can give you one example, which on the first glance does not have much to do with this subject, but more you think about it more sense does it make:

When I had to treat tens of people every day, it is normal, that some of them you like, get along with them, but with others you can try everything you have in your 'sleeve' but it does not help. In spite of that I had to sometimes almost force myself to help and treat them and because we were just like cats and dogs this impacts the outcome of the diagnosis or treatment they receive ( even if it is totally unwillingly and subconscious).  But one day this problem simply vanished. On one occasion I had an idea: I imagined that everyone of those people I have to deal with is part of my family and I asked myself how would I treat them if this were the case. From this time on I've NEVER again had such problems (at least to such a degree that it becomes a problem) as I sometimes did before. EMPATHY entered my life with more open doors in my heart and suddenly I could see through broader perspective and BEFORE ANYTHING else first take a look at myself and my attitude.


Now to the graphical, informative part of the page OR put otherwise:

BOINC projects statistics in ANOTHER, more DETAILED form (and also from  ANOTHER source(es):

My  'signature' of COMBINED statistics are seen on the middle, details of projects currently participate in MORE ACTIVELY than others are a little SMALLER  in size and located to the LEFT. (If you have visited my page before, you may have noticed, that my Rank and Average were (are) falling at a pace, that was (is) noticeable almost every day - a REASON I really NEED a NEW COMPUTER). Because of this fact , I turned my attention to some projects, that rely on your graphic card (GPU unit)- such as GPUGRID and Milkyway - for computing. On the right you side can see a widget of my contribution to the WCG project and 'badges' I have earned until now.

CAUTION: The results aren't (ALWAYS) synchronous with the actual status 
(as I already mentioned - and it is NOT the authors fault).

Notice: SIGNATURES (and some other details) UPDATED on 08.01.2013

As may be seen at the bottom of this picture ('signature') ABOVE  and those located ON the left of this, all the credit goes to:


AND the last (but under no circumstances the least) I mention the site which made it possible, NOT EXACTLY to start all this computing for those projects, but to be able to participate in them (and much more) until today under 'one roof' , something that at this time dates back for more than a decade:

(I know, that it is again, I mention this site,  but that is no overlooked mistake,  but a simple effort, that  one of the most important links is not missed - especially on a page, which talks about so many seemingly unrelated topics and in the 'end' turned out to be very long.)

WCG across the globe

Help Fight Childhood Cancer ( NEW)

Human Proteome Folding - PHASE 2 (NEW)

  Badge I have earned for my participation in the project

 The same goes for the project Help Conquer Cancer until now.

And for the project FightAIDS@Home (contributed most computing power of ALL the WCG projects I've participated in until now - currently 1 year +)

This one I received just a few days ago (at the end of January, 2012), by computing for the project named:
Computing for CLEAN Energy - Phase 2

UPDATE (08.01.2013 -  added additional badges, as seen ABOVE)

The  latest one in my 'collection' (in the beginning of June, 2012)  received for the (ongoing* - as goes for ALL the 3 ( FOR NOW!) - other WCG projects you see above)) 'work' in the VERY IMPORTANT MISSION - Go Fight Against Malaria, that everyone should know MORE about and be at least aware of the fact, how much  DEATH and SUFFERING it causes. We all know for cancer, AIDS and yes, also malaria, but to imagine how many people (most of them children) die EVERY DAY because of it, is a COMPLETELY different 'story'. 

* : the COLOUR of badges will (SLOWLY) gradually change - according to the RISING amount of work  being done - AND maybe also the NUMBER of badges (for example, if I or You choose to do work for ANOTHER project - and there are PLENTY to choose from  - and the time of work EXCEEDS the minimum computing time, which is USUALLY 14 days, you are 'REWARDED' (I prefer the word the word - REMINDED, because it gives you a sense of participating in something GOOD being done on a GLOBAL scale and NOT in a race, which can sometimes have a NEGATIVE connotation and most importantly : Has NO WINNERS, just in the WORST CASE - in the END we CAN ALL LOOSE)  with the FIRST badge (which is BRONZE COLOURED); DETAILED explanation of the BADGE 'system' can be found on the WCG site itself!

If we continue to turn our heads away and believe the politicians and PHARMACEUTICAL companies that such things happen simply because of the (rather unconvincing) fact, that there is NOT enough money   to make those  (rather expensive) drugs available to  ANYONE in the developing world, is something, that we ALL (especially the people, who HAVE the political power, money and influence) should be ASHAMED of!

And if we help and participate in this project, where they are trying to develop drugs, which target MULTI RESISTANT strains of this parasite, that would make the whole 'mission' much easier in and in the long-term the drugs also  cheaper and affordable.

And who knows, maybe some day 'THE BIG PLAYERS' will also run out of excuses and show the political will, that is necessary (because  what good can do  even such a perfect drug, if no-one can  afford it), that the word 'high costs' wrapped in nice words, won't be such an issue any-more.

SO HERE YOU HAVE IT, A 'LIVING' PROOF (for the fact, I  pointed out several times before) :

EVERYBODY can make a difference. And that was meant literally, because I'm almost sure, that MOST VISITORS of this site (which  future is under a VERY BIG QEUSTION MARK - mostly because of the EXTREMELY low number of visitors) aren't the people  I said some harsh, but TRUE words about them, BUT people like I am. And if they (YOU!) came so far, it is not a question of IF you can help, but ONLY are you WILLING TO DO SO!

I put an ADDITIONAL +1 button for a SPECIFIC purpose:

To make an appeal to ALL of YOU, to CLICK on the button and SHOW, that you DO CARE for the issues I was writing  above (regarding WCG and all of their projects and efforts) and ESPECIALLY, that You AGREE and SUPPORT my opinions, which are summarised in words, written under the UPDATE made on the 27. of July, 2012.

In order to learn more about each of this projects (and many others) just click on the coloured links below the 'badges'.

And if you are wondering, what do this icons, named BADGES even mean and represent, click on the following link to learn more:


All the credit about what is presented here goes to the community at the web-site, with the link below, which is also the place to visit, if you also have the wish to participate or to simply learn something new and important: