upcoming shows:

27/08 Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK  [duo with Ross Lambert]

25/08 Totnes, Sea Change Festival, UK

31/08 End Of The Road Festival, UK

21/09 Zurich, Gamut Festival

09/10 Glasgow, Glad Cafe

10/10 Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club

11/10 Milton Keynes, MK Gallery

12/10 London, Kings Place

13/10 Bristol, Cube Cinema

26/10 Vendome, Festival Rockomotives

31/10 Les IndisciplinéEs, Lorient-Bretagne

03/11 The Hague, Crossing Border Festival

04/11 AB, Brussels  

23/11 Ravenna, Transmissions Festival

past shows:


09/07 London, Cafe Oto [with Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley, Terry Day, Ilana Blumberg & Kenichi Iwasa]

26/06 Dresden, Beatpol [solo]

25/06 Munich, Ampere [solo]

24/06 Berlin, Acud Macht Neu [with Joel Grip, Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

12/06 Paris, Cafe Olympic [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

1/06 Cafe Oto, London [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

28/05 Unplugged Monti, Rome [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

25/05 Planetario, Milan [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

17/05 Brighton Festival, Brighton [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

4/05 Rough Trade East, London [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]

13/03 Cafe Oto, London [with Ute Kanngiesser, Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger]

28/02 Cafe Oto, London  [GUO with Seymour Wright and Crystabel Riley] 

03/02 Cafe Oto, London [solo] 


November 16th- Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets


June 1st- Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets

The Blumbergs with Half Japanese


September 9th- Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets

Kohhei Matsuda Disaster Trio

June 11th - Primavera Sound, Porto, PORTUGAL 

The Howling Hex

June 6th - Primavera Sound, Barcelona, SPAIN

The Howling Hex 

May 23rd - Cafe Oto, Alan Licht & Tetuzi Akiyama, London, UK tickets 

GUO (DB + Seymour Wright)

29/01, 26/02, 18/03, 22/04 - Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK free 




October 3rd - Hundred Years Gallery, Portraits, London, 

DB, Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright

August 25th - Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets 

DB, Tom Wheatley, Billy Steiger, Terry Day, + Seymour Wright

May 20th - Hundred Years Gallery, Earshots 'Yoke', London, UK 

Tom Wheatley, John Edwards, Eddie Prevost, Daniel Kordik, Edward Lucas

May 12th - Jad Fair + Norman Blake, London, UK tickets 

April 4th - CounterflowsFestival, Glasgow, UK tickets

The Howling Hex

April 3rd - Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets

The Howling Hex

February 16th - Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets


January 30th - Barbican, Lambchop, London, UK tickets 

DB/ Ute Kanngiesser, Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright, Tom Wheatley 



November 21st - Point Ephémère, Paris, FRANCE

DB / Tom Wheatley 

August 27th - Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets 

DB / Billy Steiger / Tom Wheatley 

July 10th - 12th - ATP Iceland, Ásbrú, Keflavík, ICELAND 

DB / Tom Wheatley 

June 6th/7th - Primavera Sound, Porto, PORTUGAL 

DB / Billy Steiger

May 31st - Primavera Sound, Barcelona, SPAIN

DB / Billy Steiger / Kohhei Matsuda 

May 19th - Dylan Carlson, London, UK 

DB / Billy Steiger / Koichi Yamanoha

May 18th - Cafe Oto, London, UK 

DB /Seymour Wright 

February 27th - Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets 

DB / Billy Steiger / Kohhei Matsuda 

February 23rd - ATP Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, London, UK 

DB / Kohhei Matsuda / Kenichi Iwasa