1. BoHung Kim, Ph.D., MNTF Lab P.I.

BoHung Kim

September, 2018

BoHung Kim, Ph. D. (김보흥, a.k.a.'MSMK')


School of Mechanical Engineering

University of Ulsan, 울산대학교

Republic of Korea (South Korea)

E-Mail: bohungk@ulsan.ac.kr

Phone: (+82) 52-259-2705



Professor, University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea, Sep/2022~Current

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor, University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea, Oct/2017~Aug/2022

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering

Visiting Research Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University with Ali Beskok, Dallas, Texas, USA, Aug/2017~Jul/2018

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea, Sep/2011~Sep/2017

Department: School of Mechanical Engineering

Research Assistant Professor, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, with Avrama Blackwell, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, Jan/2010~Aug/2011

Ph.D. Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA, Aug/2006~May/2009

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Academic Advisor: Ali Beskok, Tahir Cagin)

Post-Doctoral Old Dominion University, Bio-Micro Fluidics Laboratory with (PI) Ali Beskok, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, Mar/2009~Dec/2009

M.S. Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA, Aug/2004~Jun/2006

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Academic Advisor: Ali Beskok)

B.S. Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, Mar/1995~Feb/2002

Major: Mechanical Engineering

(ROKA Military service 1997~1999, 대한민국 육군 병장 만기제대)


2022, Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Lab-on-a-Chip Devices (specialty section of Frontiers in Sensors, Role: Review Editor, Sections: Lab-on-a-Chip Devices ) Link: https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/sensors/editors

2022, 32nd Int'l Symp. on Rarefied Gas Dynamics Special Session Organizer and Session Chair ( Nanoscale Transport Phenomena at Interfaces I, II )

2022, 32nd Int'l Symp. on Rarefied Gas Dynamics (Seoul, South Korea, July 4th-8th 2022) Local Advisory Committee, LINK: http://www.rgd32.org/committees.asp

2021, Nanoscale Heat Transfer Symposium for the International Materials Research Congress (Cancun, Mexico, Aug.2021) Symposium co-organizer, LINK: https://www.mrs-mexico.org.mx/imrc2021/symposium-F9

2020, Guest Editor, Special Issue in [Energies] "Nanoscale Transport Phenomena at Interfaces"

2020, Editorial Board Members of [Energies] - (SCIE, JCR Impact Factor: 2.702 (2019) ; 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.822 (2019)) LINK: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/energies/sectioneditors/heat_%20mass_transfer

2020, Distinguished Professor in Teaching Award, University of Ulsan (2020년도 울산대학교 교육우수교수, MSMK)

2017, ASME - ICNMM Conference (Cambridge, MA,August 27-30) Session Co-Chair (Area :Single Phase Liquid Flows) LINK: https://www.asme.org/events/icnmm

2016, ASME - ICNMM Conference (Washington DC,July 10-14) Track Co-Organizer and Session Chair (Area : Modeling and Simulation II, Single Phase Liquid Flows) LINK: https://www.asme.org/events/htfeicnmm


- Molecular Dynamics & Nanoscale Solid/Gas/Liquid Flow and Heat Transfer: Atomic, molecular and multi-scale modeling for bio- & nano-technology applications; micro- and nano-scale thermal fluidic transport; rarefied gas dynamics; gas Transport in the transition and free molecular flow regimes; nano- & bio-particle and colloidal manipulations using microfluidics; electrokinetic transport.

- Numerical Methods: Molecular dynamics; direct simulation Monte Carlo method for rarefied gas flows; finite element and spectral element methods; lattice Boltzmann method; Stochastic reaction diffusion.

- Molecular Neuroscience : Synaptic plasticity; intra-cellular signaling pathways; signaling through G-protein coupled receptors; learning and memory, stochastic reaction diffusion. long term potentation, long term depression.


Assistant Engineer (SAMSUNG SDS, as a full time employee)

Feb/02~Jun/04 (2yr4m), Business Solution Development Team, Development of database user interface using c++ (Active-X module)


Jun/08~Aug/08 (2m) SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, Device Group, 2008 Global Internship, Crystallization of a-silicon under UV exposure: applications for OLED TV panels


Jun/07~ Feb/09 (1yr8m) Aerospace Engineering Dept., Molecular dynamics for liquid and gas flow

Research Assistant (TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY)

Jan/07~ May/07 (5m) Chemical Engineering Dept., Development of 3D MD code for liquid flow

Jun/06~ Dec/06 (7m) Mechanical Engineering Dept., Development of graphical user interface for SEM

Jan/05~ Aug/05 (8m) Turbomachinery Laboraty, Numerical analysis of air-foil bearing using FEM


Texas A&M University: T.A. (1term, Spring 2006) - MEEN410-INTERNAL COMB ENGINES, MEEN 441 - DESN MECH COMP & SYSTM

Old Dominion University: Invited Lectures (Apr.14/08, Dec.2/08) - Molecular Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics in Nano-scale Fluid Flow

Sunday Science Class for Kids (Jan.2018~Feb.2018) - Plano, Texas.


Sun Certified Programmer for JAVA2 Platform (SCJP), Sep/01, 91/100


*NRF Korea press release about Scientific Report (http://www.nature.com/articles/srep33881)

- [연합뉴스]미세한 유체에서 흐르는 양 예측하는 기술 개발



- [아시아경제] [과학을 읽다]분자수준 유체 흐름 예측모델 나온다



- [뉴스1]초미세유체의 수송현상 예측 모델 개발… 세계 최초



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*University of Ulsan press release

- [문화일보] 울산大, 세계적 연구성과 속속 발표 2016.12.30.


- [울산신문] 울산대, 잇딴 신기술 개발로 세계적 주목 '2016 연구력 국내 5위' 2017.01.02.


- [울산종합일보]울산대-현대重, 4차산업혁명 대비 인재양성 협약 체결 2019.01.14


*2021년도 한국 과학난제도전 온라인 컨퍼런스, Tackling the World's Grand Challenges, online seminar in Korean - watch again URL:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRyRECgfupg, https://youtu.be/F4JD769ZGpw) – 과학난제도전협력지원단, The National Science Challenges Support & Network (Full video is here - URL: https://youtu.be/qnqB0HqcwMo)

* TV News 8pm (UBC, MBC), Air on 2017.06.27

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