Reference Books

Das Böhmische Glas
Passauer Glasmuseum
Bands I-VII
Collectible Bohemian Glass
Robert & Deborah Truitt

Collectible Bohemian Glass, Vol. II
Robert & Deborah Truitt

Bohemian Glass 1880-1940
Jan Mergl, Ernst Ploil, and Helmut Ricke

Moderne Gläser
Gustav E. Pazaurek
(Text in German, good photos on some lesser known glass houses - can be downloaded for free as a .pdf through google books)

Der Gläserne Wald
Christiane Sellner
(A guide to historical places, glassworks, and museums in Eastern Bavaria) - text in German

Gläserner Jugendstil Aus Bayern
Christiane Sellner
(Jugendstil glass in Bavaria - text in German)

Das Glas des Jugendstils - Düsseldorf
Helga Hilschenz
(Catalog of the Hentrich collection in the art museum Düsseldorf - text in German)

Das Glas des Jugendstils - Wien
Waltraud Neuwirth
(Collection of the Austrian museum for applied art, Vienna - text in German)

Glasmarken-Lexikon 1600-1945
Signaturen, Fabrik- und Handelsmarken
Europa und Nordamerika
Carolus Hartmann

The Art of French Glass
Janine Bloch-Dermant

French Cameo Glass
Berniece and Henry Blount

Art Glass Nouveau
Ray & Lee Grover

American Art Nouveau Glass
Albert Christian Revi

Gräflich Schaffgotsch'sche Josephinenhütte
Kunstglasfabrik in Schreiberhau und Franz Pohl
Stefania Zelasko
Glasmuseum Passau

Art Nouveau Glass
The Gerda Koepff Collection
Helmut Ricke and Eva Schmitt

Moser Glass
The Klabin Collection
Gary D. Baldwin

Phoenix & consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980
Jack D. Wilson

the collector's encyclopedia of American Art Glass, Second Edition
John A. Shuman III

Frederick Carder's Steuben Glass
Guide to Shapes, Numbers, colors, Finishes, and Values
Marshall Ketchum

Emile Gallé
Dreams Into Glass
A special exhibition
The Corning Museum of Glass
corning, New York
April 28-October 21, 1984
William Warmus

Moser 1857-1997
Jan Mergl & Lenka Pankova
Published by Moser, a.s. Karlovy Vary in 1997 on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Moser firm.

Moser Artistic Glass
Edition Two
Gary D. Baldwin

Miller's Art Glass
How to Compare & Value
Louise Luther

Art Glass Identification & Price Guide
John A. Shuman III

Hi Sklo Lo Sklo
Post War Czech Glass Design
From Masterpiece to Mass-Produced
Mark Hill

Glass Art
Reflecting the Centuries
Masterpieces from the Glasmuseum Hentrich in museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf
Helmut Ricke

Bohemian Engraved Glass
Zuzana Pesatova

Glass 1905-1925, Volume I
From Art Nouveau to Art Deco
Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth

Glass 1905-1925, Volume II
From Art Nouveau to Art Deco
Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth

Loetz Austria 1900
Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth

Loetz Austria 1905-1918
Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth

Austria at the World Exhibition Paris 1900
Ernst Ploil

Preis-Liste (Price List)
Crystal-Glas-Fabrik Ferd. v. Poschinger, Buchenau (This is a re-print of an 1888 price list from the Ferdinand von Poschinger factory) Many drawings of original Poschinger Victorian era designs.