Miscellaneous Unidentified Pieces

Pieces on this page may be accompanied by my latest guesses. If anyone recognizes any of these, would like to venture a guess of their own, or just want to tell me I'm off my rocker,  please contact me via the email address on the home page.

Burmese vase, possibly Mt. Washington?

Uranium Doped decanter, possibly French or Bohemian, ca. 1840?
Amber glass fan vase with applique flower, ca. 1890?
Enameled cased spatter glass vase, Czechoslovakia, ca. 1900
Iridescent vase, jugendstil form, ca. 1900
Small hand painted bud vase, paper label as shown, Made in Czecho-slovakia, ca. 1920
Enameled amber glass vase, Czech? ca. 1930?
Studio art glass vase, spurious Labino signature, maker unknown
Cranberry marmalade dish with applied vaseline threads, rigaree, and rim, ca. 1890, Bohemian or Stourbridge area?
Cranberry opalescent vase with applied handles and feet, Stourbridge region, ca. 1890
Enameled pitcher, Poland?, ca. 1920?
Green Bristol? glass enameled vase, ca. 1875
Cranberry pitcher with applied handle
Bohemian cobalt glass vase with art nouveau gilding, ca. 1900
(Possibly Brüder Rachmann)
Enameled custard glass vase, marked as shown - 11.
Hand painted bud vase, polished pontil; unmarked, possibly Baccarat?
Custard glass ewer, unknown maker; marked as shown - 27. Possibly Webb?
Lithyalin vase, maker unknown, age unknown
Pair of solifleur vases, polished pontils, possibly French, ca. 1900
Reverse rubina verde vase, matte finish, silver overlay, maker unknown
Interesting tri-handled vase; gilt with a polished pontil mark - Bohemian, maker unknown?

From the internet; same shape, undecorated and with a broken pontil mark
Crystalline finish ruffle vase, possibly arts & crafts?
Small variegated lemon glass vase, ca. 1900
Iridescent vase, acid cutback - Possible Goldberg


Iridescent cased clear over red quilted pattern vase, sterling collar hallmarked for London, 1924

Amethyst Crackle glass bowl with applied vaseline prunts and base, Bohemian, ca. 1930?
Bohemian amber stained vase, cut to clear
Enameled Czech glass vase, ca. 1920
Gilt and enameled tulip vase, Bohemian, ca. 1900
(possibly Bruno Rachmann)
French? Citron colored ball vase, ca. 1925?
Enameled decanter, blue stained with cut to clear, stopper not original, ca. 1900?
Cased yellow with black enamel, Czechoslovakia, 1930s
Intaglio cut vase with cut flutes, Bohemian? ca. 1900?
French vase with acid etching and cut decoration, ca. 1920?
Cranberry opalescent vase with applied rigaree and feet, Stourbridge, region, ca. 1890
Black glass vase with silver deposit, Mardi Gras favor given out at the Rex Carnival ball in 1917, Cambridge Glass Co., Cambridge, OH - decoration by an outside firm.
Amethyst scent bottle, Czechoslovakia, ca. 1920?
Large Bohemian green glass vase with art nouveau gilding, ca. 1900
(Possibly Brüder Rachmann)
Vaseline striped vase with contrasting applied feet, ca. 1890 Stevens & Williams?
Enameled pitcher - polished pontil - unmarked, possibly Fritz Heckert?

Enameled cased spatter glass vase, Czechoslovakia, circa 1920 - Possibly Rindskopf?
Gold enameled ruffle vase, ca. 1900, possibly French?
Ruffled bowl vase with gold enameled Rococo decoration, possibly French?
Small bud vase with sterling overlay, possibly Israeli or Romanian?
Variegated lemon glass, enameled, reverse side says "A Present From Weymouth"