Candia Diaspora Silberiris rose bowl, ca. 1900

Orange Ast Glass, ca. 1896

Marmoriertes (Carneol), metal mounts, ca. 1893


Arcadia, Production No. 615,  ca. 1895


Arcadia, Production No. 171, ca. 1899 (may have been originally about 1/2" taller)

Creta Chine, Production No. 7910

Rare Cobalt Ciselé, Production No. 346/364


Olympia, produced for Lobmeyr, Production No. 7354 (source: Neuwirth, Loetz Austria 1905-1918, p. 375)
Candia Silberiris
Creta Diaspora
Candia Cisele
Creta Rusticana Bowl
Creta Chine, Production No. 6612.III


Creta Papillon, Production No. 114, ca. 1899
Creta Rusticana

Candia Astartig Silberiris, Production No. 1828, ca. 1904

Pitcher, Production No. 158, marked on the bottom "Seugnot", along with a numeric marking I can't quite make out.

Yellow satin moriage vase, ca. 1895

Satin Yellow Moriage Pair, ca. 1890


Marmoriertes (Hellonyx), Production No. 700
Marmoriertes (Carneol)
Marmoriertes (Green Onyx)
Marmoriertes (Carneol) Bowl
Marmoriertes (Carneol) platter


Bronce Glatt, 1899, Form No. 7871/1
Schaumglas (Foam Glass), ca. 1930
Schaumglas (Foam Glass), ca. 1930

Ausführung A, ca. 1935
Crackle glass pitcher - production number 3175, ca. 1900
Creta Rusticana pitcher with applied glass snake handle


Oceanik (Wellenoptisch)

Oceanik (Wellenoptisch)