Mold blown, furnace decorated
Lava decor

The Kralik firm were masters at imitating and adapting other forms and decors - here is their version of Loetz's "Ausfuhrung A" decor

Cobalt Silberiris
Cobalt threaded, ca. 1900. This was my first piece of Bohemian art glass. Another adaptation - similar to Loetz Chine
Amethyst threaded, ca. 1900. Same treatment as the one above, different shape, glass is amethyst purple rather than cobalt blue
Candia Oil Spot
Pink and spatter glass, circa 1920; acid stamped CZECHOSLOVAKIA in a half circle     
White threaded, ca. 1900
Mold Blown Furnace Decorated Vase, ca. 1900
Large furnace decorated vase, marked as shown - CZECHOSLOVAKIA
Furnace decorated vaseline glass, ca. 1930s
Iridescent bowl with applied rim and ribbed tadpoles, ca. 1900
Martele bowl with applied rim and tadpoles, ca. 1900
Vaseline glass bowl with amethyst and red ribbon decoration - unmarked
Martele bowl with applied fruit decoration, ca. 1900
Furnace decorated vase, ca. 1930s, marked with the acid stamped CZECHOSLOVAKIA mark
Amethyst threaded, form matches PMCIV.268, ca. 1900
Oil Spot with marvered threads, ca. 1900
Furnace decorated 1930s

Martele Bowl, ca. 1900

Lustre vases, furnace decorated

Rainbow threaded, ca. 1900
Overshot vase with green glass winding, ca. 1900
This time, Kralik channels Stevens & Williams - 
Silveria Shell vase, ca. 1900
Purple cameo vase with cut to clear facets, ca. 1900
Overshot vase with pinched sides. Has acid stamped mark CZECHOSLOVAKIA in  a half circle on the bottom
Two different furnace decorated ball vases, both have the acid stamped CZECHOSLOVAKIA mark on the bottom
Furnace decorated vase with metal flower frog, acid stamped mark CZECHOSLOVAKIA on the bottom
Pulled feather decoration, uranium glass
Threaded bowl, ca. 1900
Iridescent bowl with free-form applied base
Furnace decorated opal glass pedestal bowl, acid stamped CZECHOSLOVAKIA mark
Iridescent bowl with applied flower decoration, ca. 1900
I originally thought this was a Pallme-König piece, until I found the piece below - now I know that both are Kralik. Again Kralik imitates trademark decors of their competitors.
Rainbow threaded four-sided vase, ca. 1900 - the decor is a Kralik marker

Rainbow threaded and hot-pressed flower designs, both Kralik