Enameled bud vase, ca. 1900 - Decor is shown in PMCV.103-105
Taller version of enameled vase with cut flutes - comparison of the two pieces
Gilt and enameled uranium glass double handled vase, unmarked, attributed to Josepheninhütte
Enameled ewer, ca. 1890 figure is of Sigfried - print below is taken from Das Ring des Nibelungen, Figurenen, plates by Prof. Carl Emil Doepler, a German artist who lived from 1825 to 1905. Prof. Doepler created the costumes for the opera at the Bayreuth Nibelungenfestspiel in 1878. His print was clearly the inspiration for the decoration on this ewer. Where the ewer has the word Sigfried, the print in the same location has the signature of Prof. Doepler.

Enameled bud vase with cut flutes - acid stamped mark as shown
Gilt and enameled bottle - green aventurine glass - attributed to Josephinenhütte