Pedestal bowl, custard glass, ca. 1875 - marked as shown

Variegated Lemon glass; circa 1889


Yellow mottled uranium glass, enameled, ca. 1900


Harrach Ewer painted in oriental style, marked as shown: U 142

Applique aquatic forms, ca. 1890

Rare Harrach Marmoriertes vase, marked as shown - 975/2 B. 343.


Enameled pair of vases with enameled and applied decoration, ca. 1890

Two examples of what I call "jewel" cameo - there is a larger example of a piece in the red cameo decor in the Passau Museum.
Gilt-enameled "air trap" vase, ca. 1890. Unsigned.
Compote with trailed peacock decor. Similar examples shown in Collectible Bohemian Glass, 1880-1940, by Robert and Deborah Truitt.
Striped vase with applied decor. Similar examples  are shown in PMC III, plates 151 and 152.
Intaglio cut shaded amethyst to clear with enamel. Engraved mark on the bottom: C78.
Small cabinet vase - cased clear over white with enamel decoration
Striped vase with applied rigaree; similar to designs in PMCIII, 151 & 152.
Enameled cased custard glass chamber stick with enamel and applied handle. Marked as shown - 1028/5 - V310
Pair of white enameled vases in scarlet red glass cased over uranium glass. Harrach feather plume mark is shown. Bottom photo shows the effect of black light from the inside.
Gilt/enameled vase, ca. 1890, marked as shown -1132/K 248
Gilt/enameled vase, ca. 1890, partial marking shown - same decor as vase above (K 248)
Grouping of cased scarlett over uranium glass vases
Enameled uranium glass vase - marked as shown - 1354/6. P.698. 2.
12" Enameled vase - marked as shown - 520./1. P.499. 12.
Enameled air trap vase, marked as shown - 1074/5 P.513. 21. (I believe the other mark could be a price mark?)
Striped vaseline glass vase with applique flowers and handles
Enameled pink opal glass, marked as shown - E/436
Enameled vase - partial marking visible as shown. I believe this is the form shown in PMCIV.338. The look is similar to Poschinger, but the lack of a polished pontil and the numbering format points to Harrach.
Enameled satin glass, shaded green to white, marked as shown, 1123/3 V490 with the feather plume logo.
"Flame" decor vase, marked as shown - 6. 1094/3 P.511
Enemaled vase, ca. 1900 - unmarked. Shape is shown in the Passau Musuem Collection.
Enameled blue glass vase, enameled. Unmarked.
Beautifully enameled milk glass, ca. 1880s - marked as shown - 2. 893/2. P. 518.

Large canteen shaped vase, unsigned, ca. 1875?


Enameled custard glass vase pair, marked with feather plume mark as shown


Colorfully enameled milk glass, unmarked. Attributed to Harrach

Bronze Glass, ca. 1885

Pair of enameled milk glass vases, ca. 1890 - marked as shown: 1209/7 - P 637 - 1. and 3.
Enameled custard glass, feather plume mark, ca. 1890

Cranberry glass vase with applied figural decoration, ca. 1890


"Jaspis" Decor, ca. 1903 - documented in PMCIV.348

Enameled Ewer - marked as shown - 2. 927/.5 P309.
Pair of enameled uranium glass vases. Marked with feather plume mark. Piece with similar enameling on display at the Passau Museum.

Enameled ewer, ca. 1890. Marketed as Hinrich & Co. Cream Melon Ware (Hinrich & Co. was an importer with offices in Karlsbad)
Two handled vase in three colors with enamel. Marked as shown - 5. 1146/2. P. 474
Similar vase as the one above. Marked 1055./3. P.474. 2.
Enameled vase in butterscotch shaded uranium glass. Bottom markings shown - feather plume and handwritten numbers.

The largest Harrach piece in my collection - 16.25" tall - beautifully enameled. Marked as shown - 1246/16 P.604. 2.
Enameled lamp base - marked as shown - 895/3 P270
Enameled peach blow type vase - marked as shown - 3. 24/319 P102.
This piece is the exact same size and shape as the piece above it - it is unsigned - I believe this is a Harrach blank that was never decorated.
Enameled uranium doped perfume bottle - marked as shown - P374.
White enamel on crystal clear vase, ca. 1890 - I am not 100% on this attribution, but my best guess is that this is Harrach.
Grouping of enameled crystal cabinet vases, unmarked
Enameled bud vase cased uranium glass, marked as shown - 602/17 R500 5.
Enameled bowl with storks, tri-color glass, marked as shown - 1209./6. P533.1.
Cased satin clear over blue and pink swirled marmoriertes type glass, marked as shown with the Harrach feather plume mark. It also has an alphanumeric mark which can't be read.
Cased cobalt over uranium glass, enameled, ca. 1890. This piece has a rare combination of the feather plume mark and the marking P.564.
Amber enameled; multi-color applied teardrop feet; ca. 1890