Battle of Hastings - Battle and Rumour

The battle on the field was simple, at Senlac Hill at the top was Harold’s army, and at the bottom was William’s army. William had archers at the front, then he had the other allies and his soldiers to help him behind the archers, he then had his cavalry at the back. Harold had his normal soldiers to fight back, of course he was outnumbered and was defeated but he started off with many advantages like using a shield wall to defend from the archers.

During the battle a rumour spread saying that William died, this made the side of the Normans suffer, after this William showed himself to persuade the troops to fight more. If William never showed himself his troops would be more scared without his leadership. This may have made massive impact if he never showed himself.

When it was spread when Harold died, which he actually did, the Saxons started to retreat and fall back, the Normans were pushing them and starting winning and defeating the enemy. It was a victory for the Normans, some Saxons were hiding somewhere in England even after this battle. So this lead on to when William was going to be crowned King.