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Example - Paris 2007 contemporary art exhibition

On 09/11/2006 3:18 AM, Bellamy Percival ( wrote:

Cher Julianna Yau,

I am delighted to inform You that you have been selected to participate in Paris 2007 contemporary art exhibition which is to take place here in Paris, France.As a sculptor you are entitled to a preparation grant of $500. The exhibition is slated to hold on the 11th to 15th of june 2007 and sponsored by the Government of the state of paris in conjuction with some corporate bodies.

You are expected to come along with some of your work and be ready to explain every motive and inspiration behind every of your work to all who will be interested in your work.You also have the opportunity of showcasing and selling your work and ideas to interested buyers around the world at the exhibition.

If you will be available for the exhibiton forward to us your name, postal address, and telephone number. Note that the information supplied will undergo a serious scrutiny before approval can be given for the grant to be issued to you.

We will be responsible for transportation to and fro. Accomodation and feeding will be provided by us during the one week exhibition. A guaranteed sum of $5000 courtesy by the state of Paris will be given to you immediately after the one week exhibition.

You have the right to accept or decline this invitation.

Yours Sincerely,

Bellamy Percival

On 09/11/2006 5:43 AM, I wrote:

Hi, Bellamy.

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Is there an official website and/or some additional information you can provide about the exhibition?



On 09/11/2006 11:21 AM, Bellamy Percival ( wrote:

Cher Julianna,

Thanks for your responce. As I stated clearly to you in my last letter I was obligated to contact all nominated artist/sculptors based on the list I have here with me. I do not know the conditions for your nomination but I believe that your work is termed to be relevant in contemporary terms and time.

A website will be out soon and sent to all invited artist for perusal. These website when completed will carry detailed answers to all questions that might need to be answered concerning the exhibition.

This is not the first time such an event will take place but it is perharps the first time a government of a state will be responsible for 80% sponsorship. A lot of letters were sent out to various sculptors around the world but I must tell you that the space available is limited. I will suggest you send your details as required to enable you make the list and benefit from the preparation grant.


Bellamy Percival

On 09/11/2006 5:17 PM, I wrote:

Hi, Bellamy.

I appreciate that in a large exhibition such as this one that the jobs would be clearly defined. Are you able to provide me with the email address or phone number of a representative who could give me more details? I do not want to bother you about issues which are not within your job function. If not, could you forward this email to them and have them contact me? When will the website be available? I'm surprised it's not already available, but I guess it's much more work than I can imagine.

I am very interested in being a part of the exhibition but will need some more information before I am sure that I can participate.

Thank you for your help.


On 10/11/2006 5:35 AM, Bellamy Percival ( wrote:

Cher Julianna,

My instruction are quite clear to me. I am to invite those on the list here with me and when responce arives at the number that the commitee are willing to sponser based on the money made available to them I will stop and hand over the names and adresses of those that have indicated their interest to attend and perharps move to the next stage which I believe is the hiring of an exhibition management company to coordinate the exhibition.

I understand your fears that was why I added to my leter to you that you have the rigt to accept or decline these invitation. However, I have been asked to inform all invited artist that their questions will be answered by the website that is forthcomming. I am not to divulge any information concerning any member of the commitee at these early stage of preparation.

I hope you understand.

Merci beaucoup


On 10/11/2006 6:27 AM, I wrote:

Hi, Bellamy.

I am very interested in the Paris 2007 Contemporary Art Exhibition. I have been asking for more information from you or your peers because I have also been invited to the Contemporary Review of Art in Paris. It sounds like Paris is going to be busy with contemporary art next year! Unfortunately, the dates overlap so I am not able to attend both exhibitions.

Even though the Contemporary Review is requiring a deposit to secure my spot, they have been very accommodating with information. I was hoping the Contemporary Art Exhibition would be able to provide me with information also so I can decide which to attend. It would, of course, be better for me financially to go to your event because of the generous bursary.

I appreciate that your instructions are simply to invite artists to the event. I of course do not want you to get in trouble for divulging the information of your committee members. Are you able to pass my email onwards to your superiors so they can forward it to the appropriate area to provide me with some preliminary information?

Thank you.


I lost him after that. Was Contemporary Review of Art in Paris too obviously CRAP? Was my insistence on more information not worth his while? Is this real and I lost my chance at going to Paris and making $5,500 (and not 4,000 Euros)?