Wilson Mountain, Sedona Area
A steep, hard hike that rewards you with amazing views of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

The trail travels up Wilson Canyon for a time, before going up out of the canyon and to the northeast.  Hikers will eventually come to what is called the "First Bench of Wilson Mountain" on USGS topographic maps.  This is a relatively level stretch, which gives you a breather before the trail gets really steep again.  It switches back and forth up the last part of the climb, and then levels off again.  Wilson Mountain is wide and flat-topped.  Its highest point is 7,122', but the trail tops out at just under 7,000'.

 Make sure you bring some binoculars, because the views on the way up are great, and they just get better as you go.  At one point, you'll be able to see the San Francisco Peaks off in the distance, to the northeast.  At the top of Wilson Mountain, look out over all of Sedona, and out beyond to the Verde Valley.  Mingus Mountain will be off to the southwest, on the other side of the valley.  Just be careful and don't get too close to the edge of the cliffs.


Getting there:

From Sedona, drive north on 89 into Oak Creek Canyon.  Park at the Midgely Bridge parking area.  The trail begins there.

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