West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon
One of the most popular hikes in the Sedona / Oak Creek Canyon area.


Aside from the beauty of the canyon, a big part of the appeal of this trail is that it is relatively flat.  The trail winds through the canyon about as far back as you want to go.  If you're willing to get wet, you can hike and swim the full length of the canyon.  The day I went, however, I just hiked until the trail ended in deep water.  It was November, and I don't like cold water or hypothermia.

After crossing the bridge, the first thing you will see on this hike are the apple trees.  The trail winds through what used to be an apple orchard.

You will have to pay to park at the trailhead.  Please be aware that the daily Red Rock Pass will not work to get you into the parking area at the West Fork.  Apparently, there is a WEEKLY Red Rock Pass and an ANNUAL Red Rock Pass that is accepted for entry into the parking area.  $8 per vehicle (up to 5 people).  If you walk in, bike in, or come by bus, it's $1 per person. 

Water and restrooms are available at the trailhead.

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