Lost Dog Wash Trail to Taliesin Overlook, McDowell Mountains
A nice, short hike to a great view of North Scottsdale.


     The hike begins at the Lost Dog Wash trailhead.  The city has done a major upgrade on the trailhead, and it looks great.  There are plenty of parking spaces now; restrooms, water fountains and a big map are also a welcome addition.  When you begin your hike, be sure to have a look at the crested saguaro on the left side of the trail.  They're pretty rare. 

     The trail is dusty and rocky.  It's mostly uphill, with a few downhill stretches through the washes, but it's never overly steep.  Watch out for mountain bikers and horse riders on this trail.  As a hiker, you have the right of way over both of them, but that doesn't mean they'll necessarily yield.

Taliesin Overlook is a good place to sit and watch the airplanes land at Scottsdale Airport.  You can see the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal stretching straight to the northwest, in the direction of the Colorado River, where the canal starts and brings water to the Phoenix metro area.  Check out the giant tented pavilion at West World.  Until recently, it had a huge American flag on the side of it.  I had heard that it was the largest American flag in the world, but I didn't have a way to verify that claim.  Now it doesn't matter, because it's gone.


 The hike:

Start at trailhead- Time, 10:41 am, elevation, 1741 feet

Made it to Old Jeep Trail- 11:20 am, 2017 feet, distance- about 1.5 miles

Made it to Taliesin Overlook- 11:32 am, approx. 2100 feet (the sign there says 2092', and my GPS said 2101'.)  Hiking time, 51 minutes.  Distance, about 2.1 miles.

Started back down- 11:53 am

Made it back to trailhead- 12:43 pm (50 minutes)

GPS summary:

Moving time- 1:39

Time stopped- 0:24

Moving average speed- 2.6 mph

Overall average speed- 2.1 mph

TrailheadTaliesin Overlook

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