Hiking Gear
Here's what I usually take with me when I'm out hiking.


Water, and lots of it- I carry a Camelback H.A.W.G. which has a 100 oz. water bladder.  For longer hikes, I put the entire Camelback inside a Mountainsmith daypack.  The Mountainsmith has two external pockets on either side, and I can put a 1-liter water bottle in each.

Food- I think I keep the Clif company in business: Clif Bars, Clif Shot, Clif Shot Blocks, etc.  I also like Kettle Valley fruit bars.

Signal Mirror



First Aid Kit

Matches- strike-anywhere, in a waterproof, plastic cylinder


Flashlight & Extra Batteries

Poncho/ Rain Jacket


GPS- I have a Garmin Legend eTrex.




Hat (it's ugly, and my girlfriend makes fun of it, but it keeps me from getting sunburned!)

Sunblock- I try to put on the highest SPF I can.  The Arizona sun will beat down on you, so be prepared for it.

Pencil/Pen & Paper

Camera & Extra Batteries

Digital Dictation Recorder- I can hike and make voice notes of things to add to this website without stopping to write them down.

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