Four Peaks, Mazatzal Mountains
7,645 feet of mountain goodness.


There was a fire recently, so a big part of the northeast side of the mountain is charred.

Brown's Peak, the northernmost of the four, is the tallest at 7,645'.  The last part of the hike up Brown's Peak is a scramble up a slippery, scree-filled chute.  Be very careful, because if you slip, you won't stop rolling down the mountain until you splash into the lake at Fountain Hills.

From the top, on a clear day, you can see all the way from the San Francisco Peaks by Flagstaff up north to Mount Lemmon by Tucson down south.  Other sights up there: the Mogollon Rim, the Sierra Ancha Mountains, Roosevelt Lake, the Superstition Mountains, Weaver's Needle, Camelback Mountain, the McDowell Mountains, etc. 

If you're up there between the top of the hour and 15 minutes past the hour, look to Fountain Hills to the west, at the base of the McDowell Mountains.  You'll be able to see the fountain shooting water into the sky.  (This used to be the tallest fountain in the world, at 555 feet, until someone apparently made a taller one in St. Louis, MO.  The residents of Fountain Hills probably aren't too happy about that.  You'd think that an arch would be enough.) 

You'll find a metal box, embedded in concrete, with paper and writing implements inside.  Sign your name, jot down any relevant thoughts you may have, draw a picture, write a poem, say hello to everyone, write a grocery list... whatever words the view inspires.

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