The Philly Bogleheads® welcome you to The City of Brotherly Love
The 2018 Bogleheads® Conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 3 - 5, 2018. This site provides basic meeting information and links which you may find helpful if you're planning to attend the meeting.

2018 Bogleheads®  Conference

John Bogle has led a forty plus year crusade to help individual investors build wealth without paying excessive fees, guided them into investments which will yield the market return without additional risks and promoted suitable asset allocations that match individual risk tolerance. Each year the disciples of Mr. Bogle (aka Bogleheads®) gather together with him and other experts to get their questions answered and exchange thoughts and concerns about investing.

This web site will be updated with the latest meeting information and activities you may want to do while you are in Philadelphia.

The meeting runs from 
Wednesday through Friday and you may want to stay over and experience the fun activities that Philadelphia has to offer.


For October 3 - 5, the National Weather Service reports that over the last thirty years the average normal temperature was 60oF. The normal maximum and minimum range was 69 - 52oF.