Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes using DAB


 Day 1:

Contractual Risks

§  Risk Management

§  Causes of Claims

§  FIDIC Claims Entitlements

Claims and Contractual Procedures

§  Clause 2.5 Employer's Claims

§  Clause 20.1 Contractor's Claims

§  Clause 3.5 Engineer's determination

Time-related claims and additional payment claims

§  Reasons and justification of time claims

§  Justification and valuation of cost claims

Disputes and establishment of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB)

§  Types of DAB

§  Terms and Agreement

§  Payment Conditions


 Day 2:

The working of the DAB and Procedural Rules (PR)

§  Procedural Rules

§  DAB Decision Process

§  Position Papers/Hearing

§  DAB Decision

§  Dissatisfaction with DAB decision

§  Work exercises using DAB

Alternative Procedures

§  Engineer's decision as DAB

§  Amicable Settlement

§  Arbitration

MDB's Amendments to FIDIC Procedure

§  Claims procedures

§  Determination

§  Dispute Board

Throughout the seminar there will be opportunities for questions, and where appropriate, case studies will be introduced