Introduction to the 1999 FIDIC documents

Day 1:


Introduction to the 1999 FIDIC documents
Construction Contract; Plant and Design-Build Contract)

§  Background and reasons for change

§  Examination of format and content of General Conditions

§  Examination of Guide to Particular Conditions

§  Annex to documents

§  Selection of appropriate Contract

Responsibilities of Main Parties

§  General issues

§  Responsibilities of the Employer

§  The Engineer

§  The Contractor

§  Nominated Sub-Contractor

Management of Projects - Key Areas
Workmanship and Time

§  Staff and Labour

§  Plant, Materials and Workmanship

§  Commencement, Delays and Suspension

§  Tests and Defects liability


 Day 2:

Financial Clauses and Procedures

§  Measurement and Evaluation,

§  Variation and Adjustment

§  Contract Price and Payment

§  Guarantees, Bonds

§  Insurances

Risks, Force Majeure & Termination

§  Termination by Employer

§  Suspension & Termination by Contractor

§  Risks and Responsibilities

§  Force Majeure

Claims and Disputes & Arbitration

§  Claims procedures

§  Disputes Adjudication Board

§  DAB Agreement & Procedures

§  Amicable Settlement and Arbitration

MDBs' Harmonised Construction Contract

§  Principal amendements

§  Contractual implication

Throughout the seminar there will be opportunities for questions, and where appropriate, case studies will be introduced.