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4-5 APRIL 2013 BUCHAREST ROMANIA - “Practical use of the 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract ”


About the Workshop

FIDIC has always exercised its mandate in the production of various documents, contract forms, guides and manuals to assist Consulting Engineers, Employers, Contractors and other factors all over the world to perform and deliver services to their clients.

These publications have facilitated the business practice of Consulting Engineers to establish standards or norms which are used by an increasingly large number of Consulting Engineers and their clients.

FIDIC 1999 Conditions of Contract are used all over the world. These conditions of Contract are used in Central and Eastern Europe, where countries in the cohesion process to the EU are using FIDIC 99 conditions of Contract, in Africa, and Asia where Multi-Lateral Development Banks, including World Bank, Islamic Bank of Development, Asian Development Bank have adopted FIDIC 1999 Edition the New Red Book with modifications.

In the present context of the highly competitive field, knowing the Contracts and the rights and obligations of the Parties will avoid future problems. Some of the documents are very specific, while others are more of a guideline. Almost inevitably, all of the FIDIC products have had the benefit of a large number of members contributing to the total effort in developing such Contracts by FIDIC.

The scope of the training is to explain and illustrates how to use the FIDIC 99 Conditions of Contract. The Course path through practical issues on the FIDIC 1999 Conditions of Contract including the New Red Book, Yellow Book, Silver Book and Pink Book.

During the course the participants will have the opportunity to open discussions in order to clarify some of the practical issues.

Training Materials

All delegates will be provided with the following materials in English:

  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract
  • Training Course
  • Work Exercises


Bogdan Oprea

The tutor is accredited FIDIC trainer, provided by AB Resolution in association with FIDIC. The training is conducted by Bogdan Oprea a FIDIC accredited trainer.

He is a Member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, of the Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers and on the Association of Consulting Engineers and Experts - Poland (SiDIR).

Mr. Oprea is listed on the DRBF President List of Dispute Boards Member, Romanian national list of adjudicators, Polish national list of adjudicator, and he is an accredited mediator.

He has served recently as Mediator, Negotiator and Adjudicator under FIDIC Conditions of Contract on several International Contracts.

He has trained extensively for FIDIC as an accredited FIDIC trainer in Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa, specializing on FIDIC contracts and the management of claims and the resolution of disputes.

Additional information about Mr. Oprea can be found on his web page


Augustin Purnus, PhD, PMP

Dr. Purnus is a consultant civil engineer with a wide experience gained in more than 25 years in project planning, scheduling and cost control in various types of construction projects and trainer and consultant in project managements.

He is a Member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, Project Management Institute (PMI), Association of Cost Engineers (ACostE) UK and a Past President of PMI Romania Chapter.

Dr. Purnus is appointed expert in Forensic Scheduling in several ICC cases using his experience in FIDIC Conditions of contracts in contract risk management.

As Associate Professor at the Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest and the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Dr Purnus is the author or co-author of 8 books and more than 60 articles and studies in professional reviews, and in national and international conferen


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Who should attend?

The course provides the necessary information for professionals from the Government, Employers, Contractors, Private Sector, Engineers, and Consulting Engineers.

It is also addressed to Quantity Surveyors, Legal Advisers, and Architects.  It is important for the peoples involved in preparing and implementing projects under FIDIC Conditions of Contract.



Day 1

 Project Contracting Strategy

§   Contracts – Principals, Types, Law

§   Common Law – Civil Law

§   Project Contracting Strategy

Introduction to the 1999 FIDIC documents 

(Construction Contract; Plant and Design-Build, Turn Key, Short Form Contract)

§   Background and reasons for change

§   Examination of format and content of General Conditions

§   Examination of Guide to Particular Conditions

§   Annex to documents

§   Selection of appropriate Contract

Responsibilities of Main Parties

§   General issues

§   Responsibilities of the Employer

§   The Engineer

§   The Contractor

§   Nominated Sub-Contractor

Management of Projects - Key Areas Workmanship and Time

§   Staff and Labor

§   Plant, Materials and Workmanship

§   Commencement, Delays and Suspension

§   Tests and Defects liability

Day 2

Financial Clauses and Procedures

§   Measurement and Evaluation,

§   Variation and Adjustment

§   Contract Price and Payment

§   Guarantees, Bonds

§   Insurances

Risks, Force Majeure & Termination

§   Termination by Employer

§   Suspension & Termination by Contractor

Risks, Force Majeure & Termination

§   Risks and Responsibilities

§   Force Majeure 

Claims and Disputes & Arbitration

§   Claims procedures

§   Disputes Adjudication Board

§   DAB Agreement & Procedures

§   Amicable Settlement and Arbitration