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his page is to keep track of new links added to the website.  These links are also under the other headings.  New links will remain on this page for 6+ months.

Basic Information

Wikiversity Board Game Design 030311


Game Design Perspectives by Francois Dominic Laramee 030311

Gameplay and Design by Kevin Oxland 030311

Design Articles

Combat Mechanic Search List: BGG 030311

Dice Game Science Video with Louis Zocchiz 030311

Elegant Games, Elegant Components 030311

Figuring it out: Designing the Heavens of Olympus 030311

Five Game Design Don’t’s 030311

Immersion in Games  030311

Playing the Odds   030311

Steps-to-publication 030311

The Theory of Fun in Gaming  030311

Train Brenda Brathwaite News Article  030311

Victory Point Game Articles on Themes, Protecting Your Ideas, Components, Boards, Maps, Counters, Cards, Tiles, Pieces, Rules, Mats, Case System, Tips 030311


Board Game Sales Stats (BGG) 030311

Playtest Information

The 7 Stages of Playtester Feedback: Victory Point Games   030311

Podcast and Misc Games

List of Blogs about Boardgames  030311

Little Metal Dog Show  030311

New York Game Center Lecture Series  030311

On Board Gaming  030311


Big Huge Labels (Card Generator) 030311

Custom Dice Making  030311

Game Rules - History and Philosophy: Victory Point Games 030311

Game Rules - The Case System: Victory Point Games 030311

Game Rules - Tips & Techniques for Great Writing: Victory Point Games 030311

Gimp Image Editor  030311

Indented Blank Dice  030311

Lackey CCG create your own online card game  030311

Making Your Own Counters  030311

Making your own boardgame boards and counters  030311

Nandeck Card Creator  030311

Vassal - the open-source boardgame engine  030311


Board Game Publishing Video by Scott Nicholson about the board game industry  030311

Publishing Companies

Alliance game distributers 030311

Hasbro Submission Policy 030311

Playroom Entertainment Kids Games 030311