Game Review Process

1. Only members of the BOGA DAP Committee may submit prototypes for game test. Games are usually assigned for the next month at meetings. If you can not attend a meeting email your request to or BOGA DAP's facebook page.

2. The Committee playtest games at all levels of development. If a game is still in the early stages, make it known to the people who would potentially playtesting of the game. 

3. The game must have a working prototype. The prototype doesn't have to look like an already published game with professional.

4. The games should have been run through solo playtest.
5. The designer should be open to ending a testing session early if the game is clearly broken, or people aren't enjoying it.

7. Anyone can participate, but the designer should also test others games.

8. Games are playtested to be critiqued! Come with thick skin, but ensure the feedback is constructive. The Committee is trying to help the designer make their games better. The only way to do that is through honest, direct feedback. The designer should be prepared for feedback that could cut to the core of your game concept. A designer may need to completely re-evaluate the fundamental mechanisms in their games after a playtesting session.

9. It is acceptable to bring back the same game, but make sure that it has changed in a significant way to correct prior feedback and/or improve game play.

Fee: The only fee for having your game playtested is your time. If we are helping you with your game, please help us with ours. If we agree to playtesting your game and you can not donate your time, we may ask for an alternate form of compensation. Usually we ask that you donate one free copy of the published game to Underhill’s Game’s open game library.