About us

Borneo offers a superb platform for many outdoor activities & at Borneo Outdoor Expeditions we offer a range of activities suitable for all age groups.

We provide unique unforgettable experiences facilitated by our qualified, experienced & enthusiastic staff team.

Our adventurous activities are all located within impressive wilderness locations which provide extraordinary scenery.

Each of our programs offers the opportunity to experience & explore one of natures most diverse environments; the tropical rainforest.

We also provide internationally recognised first aid training through Emergency First Response, also known as 'EFR'.

Safety Information

At Borneo Outdoor Expeditions we believe that safety is of the highest importance when conducting outdoor activities. All of our programs are conducted by professional, experienced staff that hold  up to date first aid qualifications and training. 

Before commencing an activity, we always provide a comprehensive safety briefing to ensure participants are aware of safety at all times. All of our activity locations have been carefully selected to meet our safety requirements and are continually risk assessed. 

Our staff follow our operating procedures and safety guidelines to provide a safe & professional service You can be rest assured your you will be in safe hands with a member of our team.

Our objectives

Our main objective during all of our activities, is to share knowledge and skills, push personal boundaries & experience adventure! 
We believe strongly in environment protection and conservation. At every opportunity throughout our operations we take steps to ensure our continued support to mother nature.  
At the end of all our programs, our participants always leave with great memories, amazing photographs & personal achievements. 
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Borneo Facts:

Land Areas: 743,330 square kilometers (287,000 square miles, 74.33 million hectares, or 183.68 million acres)

Human Population: 17.7 million, of which 17% or 2.2 million is indigenous Dayak


-  Malaysia (states of Sabah and Sarawak) (26.7%)

-  Brunei (Sultanate) (0.6%)

-  Indonesia (Kalimantan - West, Central, South, and East) (72.6%)

Biodiversity: 15,000 plant species, more than 1400 amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles, unknown insects

What is a Jungle Expedition?

A jungle expedition is when you carry your own equipment and resources like water and food, whilst trekking through the rainforest. Normally as part of a group, guided by a local guide and at the end of each day you make camp and sleep overnight at one of our jungle campsites. 
We offer a range of multiple day expeditions which enable participants to sample the traditional nomadic jungle lifestyle of the natives. During expedition our participants may broaden their knowledge, learn new skills & may get to see many different species of weird & wonderful animals. 

All of our expedition locations have been carefully selected for suitability and are areas of outstanding natural beauty. Each and every expedition in the rainforest is a unique experience & you never know what you might encounter!

What do our clients say?

''We attended a 5 Days/4 Nights Jungle Expedition with BOE. The expedition took us deep into the jungle on an adventure and we experienced the beauties of nature and local culture. We received great service from BOE and a special experience, designed to suit our requirements. Our guide Shaun showed a great personal involvement in our expedition, far more than what could be expected, to make sure our experience was complete and that our travels worked out as planned. Shaun showed great knowledge and experience in relation to the jungle and for expedition logistics. We can testify that BOE are a safety conscious service provider. We would recommend them to anyone who is seeking an outdoor experience in Sabah.'' 

Mathias, Martina, Stefan from Sweden