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Thermopolis Formation Fieldwork, MT

Exposures of the Thermopolis Formation (dark grey shales at the base of the escarpment) and the Mowry Shale (ridge former).

Cathy Lash and Sarah Michalies hiking sediment samples up a ridge.

A medium sized coprolite in the Thermopolis Formation.

Lee Hall and Cathy inspecting a fish bone bearing coprolite.

Lee and Sarah taking a siesta. I was far too excited to find shark teeth for sleep, however.

Lee and Cathy loading sediment samples into the truck. This was only about 1/15th of all of Cathy's samples; she only finished processing these nearly a year later.

Sarah Michalies hiking up a ridge.

Sarah looking for shark teeth and other vertebrate material.

Lee and Cathy digging out a trench on a bitterly cold day with ridiculous winds. This was in late September, so it more or less served us right.

Lee and Cathy collecting sediment samples from one of six trenches.