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How did gymnastics start

In the early 1800's a German named Friedrich Jahn built the first modern gymnastics equipment and invented many of the exercises used today since the 1960's television coverage of national and Olympic competitions has made gymnastics a popular sport in many countries. 
The modern form of gymnastics began in the 1700's in Germany.  Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is called the "FATHER of GYMNASTICS"
His turn veriens or gymnastics club spread throughout Germany.  In the early 1800's and 1848 the first American turners modeled after the turn vereins opened in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The ancient greeks were the first to do gymnastics it was a form of physical exercise for them and they wore no clothes.  The word gymnastics comes from the greek word gymnos which means gymnastics.t
Although the ancient greeks did gymnastics for exercise todays gymnasts participate in competitions. The ultimate goal of most gymnasts is to compete in the Oylmpics.

A  competition was held outdoors and only men could compete but in 1928 womans competition was add.

Today gymnastics is one of the most popular Olympic sport.
Gymnastics is an old sport and through the years it has gone through many changes.