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    Paul Boese (1923-1976), author of the popular "Forgiveness" quote, was a businessman and lifelong resident of Kansas. Born 2-21-23 as Paul Lewis Boese in Halstead, KS, he was one of ten children born to Susie (Ratzlaff) and Tobias Boese.  

    He enlisted in the US Navy on 7-31-43 and served during World War II as a signalman aboard the USS Mount Olympus until his honorable discharge on 12-23-45. After the war ended, Paul enrolled at Emporia State University (then named Kansas State Teacher's College) under the GI Bill, and studied English with the goal of becoming a writer. 

    Paul married and settled in Newton, KS, in 1960 and became the owner/manager of a Dairy Queen located on Washington Road in Newton. He and his wife raised three children until her death from cancer in 1964. Paul re-married in 1968 and added four step-children to his family.

    In addition to owning and managing the Newton Dairy Queen, Paul was an avid writer of philosophical musings and short inspirational quotes. He was a regular contributor to Quote: The Weekly Digest, published by Droke House, Inc. (registered with the US Patent Office under Reg. #808522). The "Forgiveness" quote was first published in the February 19, 1967, issue of Quote (Vol. 53, No. 8, p. 146).

    The "Forgiveness" quote is one of many crafted by Paul Boese during the 1960's, now enjoyed and widely circulated with the help of the Internet.

    Paul died on July 7, 1976 in Newton, KS, after a heart attack while stocking shelves at his store. As per his wishes, he was buried on private farmland near a fruit orchard he helped plant by hand. On his gravestone is another of his quotes: "When I die, cry not the tears of bitterness but the tears of sadness for the loss of love." (in C.R. Flint (1967), Grief's Slow Wisdom, p. 54).

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