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Version 5: Lakes and Rivers

In the slide show above, I just spawned a lake on top of the mountains (ctrl-canal), see how it floods downhill?

I used terragen to create a new scenario, with sea level set to 1. Oil rig was fixed, can only be built on undeep sea now. The sea level 1 makes it possible to lower land below sea level, so extra deep polders can be built or, more useful, tunnels can be built under the sea.

Peter1138 added the transaparent water option, so you can see how deep the sea is. In the 32bpp version, we can make the water surface semi-transparent I guess.

Latest patch: boekabart_deepwater_5.diff

New opntitle.dat, the old one had canals that were 'water-owned', not looking pretty and flooding part of the terrain there.