Parachute Radio

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In the Air, On the Air

                                                          Mark, AF6IM, ready to board, Oct 10, 2009 Byron CA DZ.

                                                          Comm radios 144 MHz and 1200 MHz in black chest vest,

                                                          APRS telemetry gear in cammo leg pack, GPS data plus

                                                          physio data including heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

                                                          Jump altitude will be approximately 14,000 feet.




 Final approach for landing, note bulky leg pack with APRS gear.

                                        Chute is ram air type, 190 sq ft, very maneuverable,

                                                     but it has to be flown like a plane, can stall, spin, crash.

       Two jumps on Oct 10 2009. Safe and sound, on the ground. Good  comms, good telemetry

        Practice for high altitude jumps with HF ham radios, supplemental O2 and WARM jumpsuits.

Thanks to Ray Rogoway, W6RAR, for photos