Parachute Mobile photos


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Mark, Jumper 1 AF6IM on left

                                                          Michael, Jumper 2, KF6WRW on right

                                                          Bay Area Skydiving DZ, Byron CA

                                                          The Byron DZ has a friendly vibe, known as Byron Love.


Jumper 1, Mark, on final approach,  using his smaller main chute which gives more wind penetration than his larger one due to higher wing loading. It was blowing hard that day (Sept 19 2009) during our practice jumps, lots of turbulence near the ground. You don't get any go arounds or missed appraches in skydiving. You just get one shot at a good landing.


Jumper 1, Mark,  stand up landing in gusty winds.   It is obvious that the DZ is in a windy location, just look at the numerous wind turbines in the background. You sure wouldn't want to land in their midst.


Jumper 2, Michael,  landing in gusty winds. Note the orange flag which is horizontal and flapping hard.  Michael is demonstrating perfect form, full canopy stall at touchdown.  Note "full flaps" configuration of rear surface. Michael stood up the landing and walked away happy after making numerous contacts with fellow hams on 2 meter simplex.


Michael, Jumper 2 after a great practice jump.  Michael made many 2M simplex QSOs during his long canopy flight from over 13,000 feet. He made a third jump that day without radios: a large formation freefall jump that went very well. On that jump he opened at about 2700 feet for a much shorter canopy ride.


Jumper 1, Mark AF6IM with Ray Rogoway W6RAR. End of a perfect day, 2 good radio jumps, lots of QSOs, safe landings. The views from 14,000 feet were spectacular. We hope to carry live TV gear for the high altitude jump. We are seeking participation from ATV (amateur television) ham radio groups.

Thanks to Frank Fox WA6KGD for shooting these photos at the Byron CA DZ .