Dragonwood Ranch has moved to WYOMING!!!  

The Shetland Sheep that started our flock in the Finger Lakes of New York have moved to Lander, WY.  We brought six ewes, one ram lamb, one ram, and three goats.  Our ram lamb was born the Monday before we left for Wyoming during the middle of a blizzard!  Sheep always seem to lamb at the strangest times and with the worst weather conditions.

Shetland Sheep come in a variety of colors which is reflected in our flock and lambs.  Their fiber is supreme (of course I am biased) and can be used for making a vast array of fiber arts projects!

These are two of our ewes that we brought and three of this year's lambs (2013).  The little black lamb in the right forefront is the last lamb we had in New York.  The other two lambs are next to their Mamas.    

Victoria and Kyle Boehmer, Owners
2 Five G Lane
Lander, WY 82520