Respiratory System Resources

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Great Sites for the Diagram

Kids Health Click on the button that says 'Click Here' for a movie about your system.


Respiratory System 

Kids Biology

The Respiratory System

Great sites for General Knowledge:

Hillendale School Body Page

Science Museum of Minnesota

Inside the Human Body - the Respiratory system

Respiratory Series Videos-please watch all of them



Online Quiz

Respiratory System: Better Health Quiz

The Respiratory System: Multiple-Choice Quiz

Print Resources

Check in your library under the call numbers 611 or 612 to find more print resources which will give you information about the skeletal system.

Walker, R. (2005) How we Breathe. N.Mankato. Smart Apple Media. Call # 612.2 WAL.

Jango-Cohen, J. (2005) The Respiratory System. Minneapolis. Lerner publications. Call #612.2 JAN.