Digestive System Resources

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Great sites for the Diagram:

Diagram of the Digestive System

Great sites for General Knowledge:

Virtual Tour of the Digestive System

The Yucky and Cool Story of your Digestive System

Fact Monster

Take a tour of the Digestive System!

The Digestive System

Online Quiz:

Try an Online Quiz to test your knowledge! Keep redoing it, until you have a perfect score:

Digestive System Quiz

Another Digestive System Quiz

From Beginning to End: Yet Another Quiz!

Print Resources

Ballard, Carol (2003). The Digestive System. Chicago: Heinemann Library.

Johnson, Rebecca L. (2005). The Digestive System. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company.

Check in your library under the call numbers 611 or 612 to find more print resources which will give you information about the digestive system.