If you know someone who struggles to communicate or whose speech is limited, BodySpeaks, LLC may be able to help. I work with families, professionals, school districts and agencies and most importantly, those individuals who struggle to make their needs known. I find that many times people who cannot speak are seen as people who cannot communicate. Not true!  

My approach to communication solutions is based on several important premises. 

             1) Everyone communicates. It is important to set a vision for full 


  1. 2) Communication partners play a vital role in the success of
  1.      any alternative communication system.

             3) Everyone uses multiple means to communicate. 

I can help identify how a person communicates and interpret the meaning of their behavior. I can also help build their communication toward a system that offers the possibility of complex expression. I work at this in a variety of ways that you can see as you peruse this website. For those who have an established communication system, I work to strengthen their independence and reliability as a communicator. 

On the website you will see descriptions of the strategies that I commonly use. You will also meet some of the people that I have worked with and get to know them as communicators. And you will see what opportunities are available through BodySpeaks. 

Thanks for visiting!

Marilyn Chadwick

                            Speech/Language Pathologist