3rd Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience

UbiComp'16, September 12, 2016, Heidelberg, Germany

******NEW DEADLINE: JUNE 20th!******


The ubiquitous computing era is bringing to the human the possibility to interact always and everywhere with digital information. However, the interaction means used to access this information exploit only few of the human sensorimotor abilities. Most of these interactions happen through traditional desktop or mobile interfaces, which often involve just vision and hearing senses and require the movement of only one finger.


Importance of Human Body and Senses:

The aim of this workshop is rediscovering the role of human body and senses, focusing on abilities that are often forgotten by the HCI designers, in order to provide new body experiences through the design of novel interactions in smart environments.


Designing a multimodal interaction:

The focus of this workshop will go beyond the mere design of multimodal interfaces and will exploit theories of embodied cognition to design new full-body experiences to explore ambient space and, more in general, the environment.

Using a critical design approach for prototyping with Human Body and  Senses:

Using a critical design approach, we will stimulate the combination of different senses and perceptions in order to achieve new ideas of interaction and experience the capabilities offered by the human body and senses in interacting with the surrounding environment. The critical design method should be able to promote reflection about body's natural abilities and how to better exploit them in the ubiquitous computing era. The main goal would be to provide a hands-on exploration using digital technology and the body.


    NEW!!! June 20, 2016: Deadline for submission 
    June 28, 2016: Notification of acceptance
    September 12th, 2016, BodySenseUX Workshop