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Industrial Pumps Types

industrial pumps types
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Sexauer Teflon Asbestos Packing Close-up
Sexauer Teflon Asbestos Packing Close-up
Detailed image of Sexauer teflon-asbestos packing material with fibrous splayed-end. There are several thousand distinct asbestos products and respective applications for asbestos materials; this image depicts but a single brand and just another type of an often overlooked asbestos material: packing. Essentially rather durable rope-like materials, asbestos packings can range considerably in thickness and construction (e.g.- braided, twisted, rubber/metal composite, round, square, etc.). Most packings are typically handled by dry cutting with saws or serrated knives and are usually crudely extracted from mechanical parts by picking the asbestos material apart piece-by-piece with simple corkscrew-type implements, which creates potential conditions for airborne asbestos exposure. There are a few other applications for packing materials, however asbestos packing was most commonly used for creating internal seals around industrial pump shafts and pipe valve stems. As much as 1/2-pound (or more) of asbestos packing could be installed inside each moderate-size pump or pipe valve housing and are oftentimes not even considered during asbestos surveys or exposure assessments primarily due to their inherent concealment inside mechanical components.
Beam Engine House, on the left the Winding Engine.
Beam Engine House, on the left the Winding Engine.
The beam engine is a Cornish engine, an early type of steam engine, used to pump water from the coal mine to prevent the workings from becoming flooded. It was made by Harvey and Company and used in four different mines in Cornwall before being purchased by the Prestongrange Coal and Iron Company in 1874 and shipped north. The 30-ton engine was installed in a new engine house, whose front wall is nearly 7 feet (2.1 m) thick in order to support the main pivot bearing of the huge cast iron beam. The engine continued operating until 1954, when it was superseded by electric pumps, only eight years before the colliery closed. The engine is the only example in Scotland.

industrial pumps types