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  The Men's     Body Mapping Research Team

Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative for Children Affected by AIDS (REPSSI)

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In 2002 Jane Solomon developed the body mapping approach as a form of memory work for persons living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa.  Through the Memory Box Project run out of the University of Cape Town in Khayelitsha the body mapping process was initialized and positively received.   


This project was first introduced as a means to create illustrations for an advocacy book entitled Long Life, Positive HIV Stories.   However, the approach was so popular that it was adopted as a primary tool for sharing personal narratives and experiences.

Since that time several groups have adopted the mapping process as a way to encourage personal narrative, self-expression and empowerment. 

The Men's Body Mapping Research Project was developed in 2007 through a multidisciplinary collaborative of community organizations and researchers interesting in introducing the body mapping process to people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario, Canada.  

 The intention of this project was to create a space for long term survivors to share their stories while exploring themes of resilience, self-dialogue, group process and artistic expression.

Body Mapping represents an effective tool that may be adopted in multiple countries and settings as an accessible and influential community or family activity.  Through the process participants emerge with greater understanding of themselves and their journeys, after having shared and expressed their experiences, realities and dreams.  


For further information on Body Mapping please see the manual developed by Jane Solomon and Jonathan Morgan Living "Living with X" A Body Mapping Journey in the time of HIV and AIDS: Facilitator's Guide


This first set of body maps stands tall, vibrant and proud...                 the first generation which has inspired countless others.                 Jane Solomon


  The Men's     Body Mapping   Participants