The Men's Body Mapping

Research Project   

A community-based participatory collaboration

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  Living and Thriving with HIV/AIDS

The Men's Body Mapping project is a community-based research 

initiative that challenges us to think differently 

about living with HIV/AIDS.  

Each map was created by a man who is a long-term survivor of this disease; each tells a visual story about how HIV impacts our bodies, our health, 

our relationships, and our community.   

One of the goals of this project is to foster dialogue and awareness about 

the importance of HIV education, prevention, treatment and support.  

Take a moment to visit this website and read the maps. 

Let us know what you think.


“The purpose is for participants to emerge at the end, standing tall and energized, with powerful, holistic, life-sized, full bodied, multi-layered self-portraits and a variety of options for identity, direction and important relationships”.
     Jane Solomon 


 Participants:  Bob, Brandon, Derek, Jake, Singh, Tim, Todd  
Photography: Beverly Deutsch 
Designed by Jane Solomon and further developed in collaboration with REPSSI and CATIE     
Research Team:
Sarah Flicker, Eric Mykhalovskiy, Mira Mehes, Cortleigh Teolis, Darien Taylor, Tricia Smith

Research Partners: OHTN, CATIE,REPSSI, York University

Sponsor: OHTN