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This is undoubtedly one of the best Full Courses out there and is one of our all time favorites.

Rather than just a single Ebook, Elena Solomon and Andrew Clacy have put toegether a HUGE comprehensive multimedia course, with several new items and updated older resources since Jan 2007.

What You Get

4 Ebooks

2 Audio discs

2 Videos

(+ 4 FREE Bonus Ebooks : Including their famous How to Make Women Laugh)


Ebook 1
'How To Pick Up Sexy Chicks'

Main Manual
Written for men, by a woman!

Ebook 2
'Get Under Her Skirt'

Understand What She Is REALLY Thinking
"A quick-start guide that will get you under her skirt - LITERALLY!"

Ebook 3
'How To Overcome Shyness'

Approach Women Without Fear and Anxiety
"Simple yet powerful techniques to overcome shyness once and for all".

Ebook 4
'How To Influence Sexy Women'

The power is YOURS... Take it!
"How would it feel if you could get women to do what you want them to do?"


Audio No. 1
'Stealth Dating Techniques'

Volume 1

You get effective and simple dating tips that help you to get instant results and make gorgeous women naturally attracted to you.

Learn about typical mistakes most men make when approaching beautiful women, and exactky how to avoid them.

The audio can be downloaded to your ipod or MP3 player or you can listen to it on your computer.

Audio No 2:
'Stealth Dating Techniques'

Volume 2

Even more tips and tricks to super-charge your dating life and make your phone ring non-stop - The claim that you'll get tired of all the beautiful women constantly bothering you is not exaggerated.

The 'Stealth Dating Techniques' are the result of extensive experience and they are proven to work - all the testing has been done for you - so enjoy!

This knowledge save you (literally) years in looking for the best way to approach women, and save you from embarrassing mistakes in dating women - especially the sexy beautiful women.


Video No 1
'Hunted Profiles'

Turn an Ordinary Profile into 24/7 Chick-Magnet Machine

This is an essential tool if you really want to hook up with beautiful women via online dating!

This video shows you how to harness the power of Internet to triple or even quadruple the number of women starting conversations with YOU online.

A professional dating coach shows you how to create a profile that will draw attention of beautiful women and make them compelled answering your ad - all it takes is just half an hour and you're set for life!

We are extremely impressed with the excellent quality of the video as well as the content.

Video No 2

'Insider Tips on Finding Beautiful Women'
How To Find The Best Women Online

Practically every single man and woman having access to Internet uses a dating site to meet people.

Every day thousands of women start their search online and this means a greater than ever opportunity for you.

This video teaches you insider tips on finding beautiful women that can allow you to meet them before any other man does.

Most men don't even know these cool tools exist - get ahead of your competition in an instant; they will never know what hit them!


The course is currently heavily discounted (currently), being reduced from $299 to $97. For the amount of awesome material you get this represents fantastic value. We have recommended this course for a while now. With all the added bonuses currently being thrown in, our recommendation :

All this material for $97 (?!) just buy it!

=====> How to Pick up Sexy Chicks

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